Tofu Terrific !!!!

  It‘s TOFU and it’s terrific!!!!

What a versatile food tofu is and what a shame it is often the one that meat-eaters are so turned off by that they won’t even give vegetarian/vegan cuisine a try.

I think with recipes such as this one for Jamaican Jerk Tofu, courtesy of this week’s Meatless Monday newsletter, even staunch tofu-haters should be open to giving this often-maligned food another try. I am definitely going to give this recipe a whirl and soon. I am a believer though, I think tofu rocks (prepared the right way, of course).

My blog bud Teddy over at Fun With Your Food had the opportunity of taking in a Tofu Festival in LA over the weekend. Wow, does that sound like an interesting way to spend a day!!! Check it out, a fun read. 

Enjoy the tofu recipe and reads and let me know what you and your family/friends think of this soy wonder food?  

Love it or hate it, it seems that everyone has a definite opinion when it comes to tofu!  Kinda like cilantro……but that’s another story and I haven’t converted to cilantro-lover yet, if ever. LOL.    🙂


18 responses

  1. I’ll have to try this…it’s been many moons since I bought tofu – and I liked it under the right circumstances…now if I’m in an Asian restaurant (they usually know what to do with it) is about the only time I eat it!

  2. G, i’m WITH YOU on cilantro! That is SO funny as i was just posting on the blog of Emmy (Vegan Diva) about a few things including cilantro. NOT A FAN!!

    But oh, how i do love tofu! And i enjoyed reading Teddy’s Big Adventure at the Tofu Festival in Los Angeles. (Wouldn’t that make an interesting movie title?) Only in LA would there be a Tofu Festival, y’know?!

    The tofu you pictured looks SO good. If you can check Spice Island Vegan’s blog her Aug. 2 post, i was just lookin’ at it last night and WOWEE, that’s like amazing to see and know that the vibe and texture of “Vegan Teriyaki Steak” looks like “the real thing.” Unlike some, i definitely am a faux meat fan all the way… and when tofu is prepared as in “Jamaican Jerk Tofu” like you have posted above or in the way SIV has it… it’s like WOW!

    Have a great week! I shall try to make a visit or two here while on vacation, but i send you sincere regards before i leave, G…

    *HUGS* to you and The Mitz!

  3. It does look like one could consume it and not die! Okay, I guess I will try making it at some point in time. As for Cilantro, I love it!!!

  4. My family would love this. The recipe for the jerk sauce looks really authentic, yet easy.

    With two teenage vegan sons who adore tofu, I always need to double the recipe . . . one pound of tofu just doesn’t do for all of us!

  5. I’m not a tofu lover. In fact, the only thing left over from my miso soup is typically little chunks of tofu.

    But cilantro. Yum. You can’t live in the Southwest U.S. if you don’t like cilantro. You’d go hungry!

  6. For all my well-publicized poor eating habits, I actually don’t eat much meat and don’t mind tofu at all. The trick is to not try and make it taste like meat, for meat it will never be. The tofu hot dog experiment was, shall we say, unsuccessful…

  7. I love tofu! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’ve never tried anything with Jamaican Jerk in the title because it’s always a meat dish. Now I can try it!

  8. Hi…I just found your blog…very interesting! I have to say…I love both cilantro and tofu….but there are good ways and bad ways to prepare tofu. Texture and flavouring are SO important!

  9. aw that was nice of you! Thank you 🙂


  10. Boy that does look good! This is similar to the jerk seitan in Vegan with a Vengeance, which we’ve made before. Yum!

  11. Hi Sadie, Im looking forward to trying this too!

    Hi K, We certainly do have a lot in common re: likes and dislikes (good company from where Im sitting!) Have a great holiday.

    Hi Diana, Thanks for visiting Veggies…. and hope you do try the recipe. Cilantro lover eh???

    Hi Nava, Certainly looks tempting, doesn’t it? I agree, not a large quantity as written but could easily be doubled or more.

    Hi Dawn, That is so interesting!I can NOW stand a bit of cilantro, well mixed with other ingredients but not straight up!!! LOL

    Hi Sheep, Re: the tofu hot dogs, have you tried Yves Chili Dogs? Theyve even won large contest, competing against the ahhhem…’beaks and tails’ varieties…You may change your mind if you give these a go.

    Hi Beth, Yeah, its usually Jerk Chicken or something equally unappealing (at least to me) this sounds perfect.

    Hi Megan, That is so true…looks like this recipe has proved that. Glad you stopped by.

    Hi Teddy, You are SO welcome!!!!Thank YOU.

    Hi Chris, The photo just jumped out at me, I look at so much ‘stuff’ each day but as soon as I saw this photo/recipe I wanted to write a post.

    Thanks for the very interesting comments and for stopping by for a visit. Huggs, G

  12. Mmmmmmmmm…I want that now!!!!



  13. This looks delightful but I DEFINITELY need some help in the tofu department. I have not had success cooking it.

  14. Hi UV, I second the motion!

    Hi Al, I felt that way when I saw the pic, it inspired me to write the post. I am a big fan of the Meatless Monday site/project, have some new projects in the works, with them, so stay tuned.

    Hi Tasha, I can relate. I think this is worked out very well though, sounds like a keeper. The pressing of the tofu is very important, that I know.

    Huggs and BFN, G 🙂

  15. The tofu looks awesome! I saw Teddy’s tofu festival if I were closer to there I would attend for sure!

  16. My dad hates cilantro. He claims its spicy.

    That tofu recipe looks great, I think I’ll try it out tonight. I love tofu but I tend to fry it in peanut oil and throw it into things (pasta, salads, vegetables) and not much else.

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