You’ve gotta have friends…..


Is this the cutest photo or what???

‘Take it easy Mitz….it’s only a picture’, LOL….

First of all, a big ‘thank you’ to my blog pal Karen over at: Pisces Place  for sharing this pic. of two of her closest friends, Heidi and Mattie. To me, the first thing that came to mind when I looked at this photo was, ‘best buds’ and ‘complete bliss’ . I liked it so much, it’s my screensaver of the week.

Speaking of friends, we all need them, don’t we? The real, ‘true blue’, loyal, supportive, sympathetic, always there when you need them... type of friends.

I must admit, there have been times in my life when ‘quality’ friends have been in short supply. People move to another place or pass on, interests change, disagreements and bad experiences sometimes can’t be mended, people grow apart …..

Stephen King has said that ‘we never have friends again, like the ones we had in high school’. On that I can agree. 

Being a teenager was a marvelous experience for me, and yes, I enjoyed the company of many amazing friends with all the attributes that I’ve listed above. Our little group (9-10 strong) were inseparable and invincible (or so we thought!!!). We did most things together, dressed the same, aspired to many of the same dreams, were there to share the laughter and the tears…It was a special time and to this day, some of the best memories that I have to look back on. Even then, I knew, these were special people and the good times we shared, the carefree days of youth, would be impossible to recapture. What are your high school memories? Was this a good time or difficult for you, as it is for so many people?

We need good people/friends in our life and for so many reasons. People who are there for us and of course, vice versa. People we can totally trust. To, ‘let down our hair with’  to be ourselves, to be real.

Having good friends even impacts our health. One of my new blog buddies Michelle, has written an excellent article on the topic of health and friendship, over at her brand new blog, Be Well with Michelle .

Make sure to check it out at: Friend’s post

And to all my friends in Blogland, ‘you’ve got a friend in me’.  

Huggs and Happy Thursday,  G      🙂


23 responses

  1. What a great photo…I’m a cat person but, in another life, would have had dogs. That life would be one that includes the space they require instead of the small space I currently occupy. Don’t tell the cats! They don’t believe that dogs actually exist and I don’t have the heart to tell them.

  2. High school was difficult for me. We moved around a lot and most of the people I went to high school with had known one another for years. I had friends but none of them lasted past high school, unfortunately.

    I think, for me, it has always been more about family than external friends because we did move so much.

  3. That picture is just perfect…friends forever!…I just love it. 🙂

    Actually, high school was a challenging time for me. I was glad to leave, and I never looked back.

  4. I had fun in high school and had some good friends, but once I left home and went to college, I realized that I really didn’t have that much in common with my high school friends. In college, I finally met people who were into the same things as me. I don’t keep in touch with any of my high school friends, but there are 1 or 2 that I run into every now and then.

    I do have one friend that I’ve known since we were 7 years old, and our relationship is very special. We’ve lived in lots of different towns but have always remained in touch. I’m very proud of that. My other dear dear friend is Caroline from, who I met 22 years ago when I was 19!

  5. Awh! You’re getting all sentimental on us here. Kleo’s girls sure are happy there. high school doesn’t bring back warm fuzzies nor nightmares. I have never been happier in my life now than at any time before. Weird, but the older I get the better I like it!

  6. Now I’m even gladder that you’re my Blog friend!

    I’m still friends with my h.s. friends. We get together once a year for an All Girls Weekend. Tho’ our lives have taken different paths, it’s nice to know that we’re still friends.

  7. High school had a bunch of highs and lows for me. At one point all the people I THOUGHT were my best friends turned their back on me. By the end, I was glad to get out of there. I do have some good memories in there too tho


  8. wonderful read & it makes me think of my hs friends & all the young fun we had! many are still a big part of my life today.
    great blog, i’m so happy i stumbled upon it — kleo’s dogs are adorable. :o)

  9. Hi Sheep, I hear ya….and good thing the Mitz hasn’t been online today, canines, NO WAY MEOWMIE!!! There might be retaliation LOL….

    Hi Dawn, So many people feel that way. You are very lucky to have a supportive and close family, that’s another great type of friends!

    Hi Michelle, Glad you liked the pic and thanks for supplying such a good article/link.

    Hi Kim, That is so cool, having stayed in touch with your 2 special friends for so many,many years. I have lost touch with so many people, have moved a lot over the years and some have passed on already, tragically young. You are lucky and also to have your own young family.

    Hi Dori, Your happiness and contentment come through on your blog, that’s so great. I am looking forward to happier, calmer days and hopefully soon. Life has been way too stressful for way too long. It takes its toil. Enjoy your peace and happiness, these are treasures.

    Hi Uv, And Im glad your my blog bud too!!! Nice to hear youve kept a special bond with some of your HS friends, thats so nice.

    Hi Teddy, That’s the case so many times, isn’t it?

    Hi Vicki, Your blog is amazing, thanks for the kind words, Im glad you stopped by.

    Huggs to all of you and thanks for the thoughtful comments (loved the compliments too!) G 🙂

  10. Awwww……what a nice post.

    Calicomom Toni

  11. I loved the ‘school’ part of high school – the learning experience – but as far as friends, no, I was shy and plain and very lonely. I met my husband two weeks after I graduated and we’ve been married 35 years. With him I learned to open up and share my feelings. I also learned I wasn’t that plain 🙂

    I now have a band of brothers and sisters who are there for me, no matter what. I wish I could tell young adults who are having a difficult time in school to hang in and it can get better – much better. You never know what’s just around the bend.

    Thank you for sharing the lovely photo and the link to Michelle’s site.
    hugs to you
    mary anne

  12. This is a very timely post for me! I recently got to visit with two friends I’ve known since junior high school. It was almost like we had never been apart, even though we hadn’t seen each other for a long, long time. I have friends from college like that, too.

    Junior high was much tougher for me than high school. I had friends, but it was difficult trying to fit in with the crowd, trying not being too geeky, etc. Friends really do help!

    You are a very sweet, loving person who is always there for your friends!

  13. AWESOME. Where would we be without friends? Thank you for a wonderful post. *HUGS*

  14. Hey- that’s Kleo- I’m Karen! lol 🙂 I do love that pic of Heidi and Mattie! My veggie friend that I talk about on my blog- Kris, she has been my friend since 7th grade, all through high school and college… We are celebrating our 31st birthdays (a day apart) in about 2 weeks. Have a great weekend Geraldine!

  15. Dear Calico Mom, Thanks for stopping by. Headbonks from the Mitz for the felines 3 and NO she did not endorse this post LOL….

    Dear MaryAnne, Yours is the hs experience of so many people it seems. Glad you’ve had such a good marriage, a treasure indeed.

    Dear Beth, That is so cool, great you’ve kept in touch. Welcome back btw….I loved your Ohio barn photo! You are a sweetie, ya know it takes one to know one!!!

    Dear K, Glad you enjoyed, it was nice to take a hike down a good memory lane for me and of course to share karen’s incredibly sweet photo.

    Dear karen, Have a very happy birthday but of course will be in touch before that.

    Have a great weekend to all of you. Huggs, G 🙂

  16. Excellent post.. well said.

  17. Hi G., Simba, Tiny, & Scout (particularly Simba) were, in Simba’s words, “frankly disgusted by this blatant bit of pro-canine paraphernalia.” In the future, they ask that you please stick to cat photos! They would rather see the Mitz any day.

    LOL 🙂

  18. Hi and thanks so much Mia, appreciate the compliment.

    Hi to Simba,Tiny and Scout, The Mitz is not talking to me, due to this post….she was also VERY perturbed by 2 canines being fawned and fussed over, and all those compliments too. For shame. I do not agree and believe that canines and felines should TRY to live in harmony….heh, anything is possible. LOL

    BFN, G and the Mitz (reading from my lap) 🙂

  19. I told Peter about his pup ‘n’ mine bein’ here and he was lovin’ it. Thanks again for a great post!!

    the “other” Karen
    aka Kleo

  20. You are so welcome Karen and Peter.
    I am so glad you enjoyed the post,it wouldn’t have been the same without your amazing photo. Seems the only ones who didn’t like it were of the, ahhhhem… FELINE persuasion. LOL
    COme on kitties, CHILL!!!!!

    Huggs, G 🙂

  21. Mitz,
    Mommie told me I had to come register my indignation at your Meowmie’s posting of this CANINE invasion! By all means, find that delete key, and if you can’t I’ll try to come help you look for it!
    The Meezer

  22. email friend Elaine

    Hi, I just loved your new article. I did love high school and then went into the airforce. Lost touch with a lot of pals then of course married and moved all over Canada. I do miss the chatting and just the overall feeling you get when you are with someone you know is your true friend. I consider you a true friend, if it is alright with you?.

  23. Hi Meezer, The Mitz says, RIGHT ON! I say, come on felines, chilllllll!!!!

    Hi Elaine, Thanks for your kind words and for your support and help in the past few months. I know how busy you are and how hard it is for you to free up time. Thanks again, sincerely.

    BFN, G 🙂

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