Is Your Computer Killing You?

Definitely worth a read….InformationWeek Article


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  1. Well, I’ll be hugging myself more often and kick my feet up while I surf. Thanks for the info… “momma” always said to have good posture. G, now found someelse to say it too. 🙂

  2. That’s a great link; and totally necessary for this computer nerd here. The animated graphic on that site is very interesting, artistic-wise…

  3. This gets into my area – stress management. I have a few articles I’ve saved that are similar to this that I’ll be talking about, too. Many people don’t believe the parts about being addicted to computer use, but it’s very true. And I have carpal tunnel, so I can personally attest to that one! The word needs to get out about this problem.

    Would you mind if I reprinted or linked to this article from my “Be Well With Michelle” blog?

  4. By all means Michelle!! One good link deserves another. I left a comment for your, re: friends, waiting for word on a photo I want to include also with the post. Photos add so much I think. Glad you enjoyed this article, I thought it was really good. So many of the do not’s I AM GUILTY of!!! Time to stretch!!!!!!!!!!!!! G

  5. Eek! What a scary thought…good thing I take frequent knitting & sewing breaks, but if the needles, sewing machine, AND computer get in cahoots…I am done for!

    All kidding aside, what a great article bringing together many of the “little things” we take for granted when ever we do “too much” of any one thing!

  6. Hi! I would be interested in some rosemary use food/ crafty/ doesn’t matter. I know that when winter comes my plant will die, so I’d love to use every last bit of it. 🙂

    I think you can respond to the this message e-mail by hitting reply and your response will come back to my e-mail box. It’s worked for me before by trying that.

  7. yikes! i’m afraid to read….

  8. Hi Heather, I agree, I thought this was very comprehensive and gave some good solutions too.

    Hi Dori, The recipes are on the way, via email, enjoy!

    Hi Vicki, The problems are there but so are some good and easy to implement solutions.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, G

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