The Mitz:Blog of the Week: The Calico Girls

Gee, it’s great to be back!

Meowmie is in the kitchen, so I thought I’d seize the day (keyboard actually) snort, snort….. She’s been on a baking/cooking spree or should I say, frenzy in the past few days; with the cooler weather and all. How she loves to rattle those pots and pans!

Meowmie is also doing a lot of whining (she does waaaaay to much of THAT!) this time, sigh….. about her recently deceased breadmaker, but trust me, I won’t go there. Long, long story and very BORING.

Anyhooooo….I wanted to share with you a great feline blog that Meowmie found recently and I’ve just been itching to paw about. (Humanoid translation: looking forward to sharing) snort, snort….

The Calico Girls! Wow, this blog rocks…. or purrs, or hums or crackles; whatever tickles your tummy.

All about three fantastic and fabulous felines, Patches, Mittens and Mistrie.  And yes, I must mention their talented Meowmie. Sharing their many adventures in a sea of mauve (ok so this is fuschia, it’s the closest color I could find!!!) and feline artwork extraordinaire.

My Meowmie is a BIG fan of mauve ( I can tail it or leave it) and  loves to pay these felines 3 a visit. As if her blogging time wasn’t out of control already. I suspect in this case, the color scheme is a big part of the appeal !!!

Personally, I tend to visit and love to read about what’s going on down their way, in Idahoooooo.But if the color mauve (what kinda word is that anyhooo????) turns Meowmie’s crank, I’m all for it, snort,snort!!!!! She really should get out more, I know. Again, another story for another day. Gotta love her though, warts, snorts and all…..(aren’t I  just tooooooo witty!!!!)

So, without further cat-choo (adieu- for the humans)….

 I present: The Calico Girls  

Chow for now, The Marvelous Mitz!!!


11 responses

  1. WOW, THANK YOU! We are so honored. We are speechless, no meows can express how exciting this is.

    Patches, Mittens and Mistrie

  2. Our Mommy spent yesterday making umpteen bazillion pancakes and freezing them. Starting in September she goes away in the big blue metal box every morning and that’s where she eats her breakfast. She uses the pancakes to make breakfast roll-ups that she can eat with one paw and not run over other commuters. Mommy is a strange one…

    Thanks for the cool links!

    Persephone and Desdemona

  3. Mitz is a very talented (and comical) writer 🙂
    Thank you for the link to the Calico Girls; what a cool site that is.

  4. I LOVE that kitty face!

  5. Love the Mitz’s mug. So adorable, yet sassy! She’s such a spunky kid.

    The Calico Girls have a nice blog there as well. Thanks for the linkage there, G.

  6. Dear Calico Girls, You are all quite worthy of the honor! Of course, as you probably have guessed, I don’t just write up ANYONE, my standards are VERY high!!!

    It was a great delight to share the talent and wisdom and feline fun you display on your purpley/loverly blog. Your Meowmie seems pretty cool too. Purr on girls…..

    Dear P and D, Your Meowmie sounds almost as strange as my Meowmie and that is a tough act to follow,snort….Although the pancake pyramid is amazing to conjure up, alas, I will not also enjoy this sight in person. Meowmie and Pawmie are pancake-haters!!!! Yikes, what would your pancake-filled Meowmie think of that!!! Purrs to you too….

    Dear Ms. MaryAnne, Awwww, you have returned and of course still appreciate and value my many talents. Thanks for being such a smart human.Do any felines own you, pray tell???

    Dear Mia, And I have enjoyed the many faces of your kitty and of course the recent ‘finger’ displayed on your blog too. Snort, snort…Meowmie let me have a look!

    Dear K, You have captured my essence, puuuuuurrrrfectly. And do go heavy on the ‘kid’ stuff. I ain’t one anymore but I sure do look and act like one, snort, snort….

    Chow for now, The Mitz

  7. Cute post! Hugs for meowmie. Gotta check out the calico girls now. 🙂

  8. Mitzi looks too cute and innocent to have such a sassy & brassy blog personality!

    The Calico Girls are beautiful, too. A cute site!

  9. The Mitz is a beautiful kitty! She is very talented to type with her paws! 🙂

  10. Mitzi, you are so so pretty! I’d like to touch my nose to yours!

  11. Greetings Humans and of course the Divine William….

    Ms. Dori, Yes, I will attempt to hug my Meowmie, might be kinda tough but Ill try!!!

    Ms. Caroline, I assure you, LOOKS ARE deceiving. I am the sassssssiest!!!!

    Ms. Karen, Ahhhh, you have again highlighted one of my extraordinary talents, good for you. Are you the DOG lover? Oh well, Ill overlook it, this time!!!!!

    My Darling Willy, Id love that!!!!

    Chow for now, The Mitz

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