Matinee ‘Swing’ Jacket

Isn’t this the cutest jacket???  And it’s crochet, my fav… what a bonus!

 (sorry, the photo has been deleted apparently) 😦 

Here is the color of yarn I am planning to make this jacket in, it’s called Barrington. This pattern takes 4-6 (100 gram) skeins, so not a lot considering it is a jacket and in crochet, which usually takes quite a bit more than a knit version of any item.

I’ve had this stash of Lion Brand Homespun for over a year and had yet to find a pattern that I really wanted to make. Every one I looked at was not quite right. Either… too sloppy, too tight, goofey, too complicated, not enough yarn, wouldn’t use up all the yarn, knit, knit and more knit (this time I wanted to get back to hooking LOL). Can you relate?

Lo and behold, today, in my inbox, magically (or so it seemed) the right pattern appeared. I just love it and can’t wait to get started.

In case you haven’t signed up yet, for Lion’s free and well-worth the read/time newsletter (where this pattern is featured).  Also an interesting article on crochet felting in this edition

Here’s the link:  Lion Brand Newsletter.

Happy Hooking and Knitting….     🙂


8 responses

  1. I like it! And it looks like minimal finishing required. That’s what I’m always looking for in a pattern. I think it will look even better in the color you’ve chosen as opposed to the yellow. I’m just a fool for the blue tones.

  2. adorable. I love swing jackets–they look funky and yet classic.

  3. I’ve knitted a prayer shawl out of that exact same color/kind of Lionbrand and it turned out awesome! The texture and colors are gonna work great for that jacket. It’s so hard to find any good crochet patterns these days, that’s why I took up knitting. I’ll be watching your progress!

  4. Cute jacket. I love to crochet, especially love working with the cottons and making doilies and so on…pineapple is my favorite pattern for doilies…made a bunch one year for Christmas. Another year I crocheted cable-stitch scarves for everyone on my Christams list…really beautiful in crochet. Not much time for that lately. 😦

    Anyone ever do any tatting? Love that, too, and no time for that, either! lol

  5. That is a lovely jacket. I know how to crochet and when my kids were little i made several crocheted blankets, slippers, and stuffed toys. If I had the the time I would make this jacket and really wear it!

  6. that is great. I would definitely wear that out. I like the oversized button too.
    you’re right- too cute


  7. I love it! Let us know what they say. I would be tempted to make this for myself. The color would be lilac, lime, or turquoise.

  8. Hi Sheep, I hope you are right about the blue color of yarn looking good in this pattern. Its the one I have. Actually, Im crazy about yellow so the photo really appeals. Not the button though, just too BIG, don’t ya think?? 🙂

    Hi UV, I totally agree. Can’t wait to get this one on the go, waiting for corrections to come through as per my PS: post above.

    Hi Mia, Crochet has always been my fav. but I started knitting more for the exact reason you say, the patterns just haven’t been there. Hopefully books like ‘the Happy Hooker’ will help the ‘crochet cause’LOL. Im even thinking of designing a couple of sweaters myself, hopefully I would be up to the challenge.

    Hi Michelle, Yes, I have heard of tatting but never tried it. Sounds like you like classic crafts, they are certainly making a comeback.

    Hi Dori, That’s what Im thinking, I would get a lot of wear out of this jacket and wouldn’t take forever to complete.

    Hi Teddy, Can’t agree re: the button, just a bit too big for my liking but I certainly like the jacket. Are you a crochet and/or knit fan?

    Hi Opal, We share a lot of similar color choices, love all your pics.

    Thanks for stopping by and all your interesting comments….G 🙂

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