Harvest Time!

Well, it’s official…..

The Mitz, Feline Gardener extraordinaire (sigh, another previously unknown talent)  has thoroughly checked out this year’s Spud Crop and declared it, ready for harvesting!!!

Of course, The Mitz has no intentions of actually helping with the digging….LOL . She has been known though, on occasion, to lick down a morsel or two of a tasty tater, especially when roasted to perfection in the oven and “easy on the spices Meowmie plllllllleeeeaase!!!

I know it’s only potatoes for us this year, but it was still fun to see them getting bigger by the day (or so it seemed). And now, all those delicious ‘new’ potatoes (is that a Canuck term?) to enjoy in the weeks ahead.

Hope all your gardens are looking and of course, tasting great!  Happy Harvesting…..   🙂

19 responses

  1. Desdemona prefers cherries and grapes. She’ll lug a cherry around by the stem mumbling to herself all the while for hours. Persephone, much like her mother, prefers popcorn. She has double paws and can actually use them to pick up individual kernels to eat right out of the bowl. Oh, and we do the “new potatoes” in Maine…

  2. Our Mitzi has so many talents. This was one I didn’t know about before.

  3. None of my cats ever helped with the gardening. Potatoes were more for playing with than eating, but they all used to love popcorn. The four of them would sit on the floor in a semi-circle around us, and we would have a piece of popcorn ready for each of them and feed them at the same time…they never did learn to share food. lol

  4. Guess the Mitz has a green paw.

  5. How cool that Mitz loves to garden – or should I say supervise the gardening? New potatoes – yum, my favourite veggie of all.

  6. Mitzi in the garden, that’s such a great photo, G. I love what U.V. wrote there, very clever, a green paw!! New potatoes are so very delish – she has great taste, the girl does!

    Oh to have a garden. That is lovely.

  7. Hello Sheep lady, Of course that is why we felines are SO superior, witness the intelligence and skill of your lovely master-girls… D and P….Cherries ummmm…have to give that one a whirl, they are nice and shiny right now, Ill pick one out of Meowmie’s bowl when she isn’t looking, she eats too much anyways…snort!

    Hello Pawmie, You and Meowmie have only scratched the surface,exploring my many talents. You should see what Im capable of when you leave the house meooooooooow!!!

    Hello Ms. Michelle, More popcorn…ummm, again I like where these comments are headed. More fun with foods and felines!!!!

    Hello Oh UV (Meowmie calls you that, doesnt she? Are you like a ray of sunshine, snort… ???) Heh, cool sense of humanoid humor, I like it a LOT. Just checked, my pads are nice and pink, thank you!!!!

    Hello to you Ms. Mary Anne, I kind a like a morsel of tater now and then too. Of course I was the supervisor, what else. I don’t dirty these paws!!!

    Hello Ms. Karen, Yes, Meowmie does seem to catch the real me, doesnt she? Even though she’s kinda goofey sometimes snort, still love her a LOT!!! Here’s to the great outdoors eh!!!!

    Thank you dear humans and feline friends reading with them, for stopping by the Veggies….
    Chow for now, The Mitz

  8. What a great photo….Mitzi looks all warm with the sun hitting her back……

    We call them new potatoes here in the South as well. They’re so so good cooked with pole beans (Kentucky Wonders). I haven’t had any pole beans in YEARS. Sigh. Or stewed with green onions. Yum.

  9. Hi Kim, How that feline loves the sun, don’t they all….Im coming back as a cat, next time around!How’s the Gracie these days, any help in the garden?

    Pole beans, never heard of these, what are they like? I’m assuming sorta like green or yellow string or broad beans?

    I don’t know why I got the impression ‘new’ potatoes was a Canadian term; whatever they are called, these taters are soooooo delicious.

    Thanks for stopping by, G 🙂

  10. Mitzi probably wishes there was some cat nip tucked in with the potatoes, don’t you think? 🙂

  11. Good you’ve got Mitz’s help! 🙂


  12. Mitzi, I bet digging for those potatoes would be a lot of fun! I’d help you, if only my mom would let me travel.

    Great photo! Tell your mom to post more of you!

  13. Hi Caroline, The Mitz is not a big fan of catnip. Our other cats liked it more, now enjoying the ‘high’ in cat heaven, I hope.

    Hi Teddy, And she is a big help, in so many ways….as Im sure your Abbey is too!I just love that photo of ‘the little bear’ or so it looks like. Toooooo cute.

    Hi William, Message received and will do our best…more Mitz, coming up!!!!

    BFN, G 🙂

  14. Oh yum, it doesn’t matter what it is, home grown is sooo yumm. I’m so jealous. What a cute cat!! Give that little girl a hug for me. 🙂

  15. email friend Elaine

    Mitzi looks just gorgeous with the sun on her back.
    She knows there is something special under that earth. Tell Mitz that Boo says Meow.

  16. If petunias are eatable, we have a gigantuous harvest! If not, we are going to be very hungry.


  17. Hi, Mitz…nope I’m not into any kind of milk…I’m strictly a fish gal…but I do like the catnip Mommie grows on the balcony – she doesn’t even have to dry it. (I get a little leaf every morning before she goes to work, but don’t tell the Blonde Bombshell or the Calico Curmudgeon, okay?)

  18. Hi Kim, Hug received, the Mitz says thanks, she is sitting on my lap, licking my arm right now. Congrats on the new feline addition to the family, Zindy is beautiful!

    Hi Elaine, We decided to let the spuds grow a bit longer, heh, its only the first week in August right!!! The Mitz can keep an eye on them for a bit longer.

    Hi Patches, Easy on the flowers OK, not a good snack…have you tried soymilk, the Mitz is loving that these days.

    Hi Meezer, Fresh catnip, wow, your Meowmie really loves you…I can tell.

    Huggs to all and BFN, G 🙂

    Headbonks to Zindy, Boo, the Calico Gals and Meezer…from the Mitz

  19. The Mitz is sooo cute, too bad she’s not more helpful in the garden… I used to love growing food in a garden. You’ll have to tell us how good the taters are… 🙂

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