Blog of the Week: One Red Paperclip


I guess this could actually be called, success story of the week/or year….it’s that good and definitely inspiring !

This is one amazing tale! How one lowly red paperclip, made a journey through cyberspace, travelling across countries and borders….picking up speed along the way….to eventually turn into presto…..a house on Main Street in small town Saskatchewan (our province of residence, at present).

The man behind the paperclip, Kyle MacDonald is one exceptional and innovative young person. And I think you will find his journey truly a unique and one of a kind story (copycats of course, have followed). 

Already featured on news reports around the world; but in case you missed it,  I wanted to share Kyle’s blog/story with my readers too.

And, at the end of it all, I am still left wondering, what’s next for Kyle, after the move in August to a Prairie VERY small town?   

Check out Kyle’s story and photos at: One Red Paperclip


10 responses

  1. Oh, that was (is) cool!

  2. I’ve heard about Kyle and his paper clip…what an amazing story!

    It was mentioned recently that someone is planning to make it into a movie. Maybe Corbin Bernsen will be in it as “himself?!”

    Best wishes to all!

  3. That’s a great story! Thanks for the write-up and link to his site.

  4. UN believeable. What a great story!

  5. Wow. That is amazing. Good for him!

  6. Wow!!! People are just neat…this is a great story. Thanks for the link!

  7. I’ve read about this before! If only I had thought of it 😉


  8. I was amazed when I read that. Have you read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell? Even paperclips can reach epidemic proportions.

  9. Hi K, I totally agree.

    Hi Michelle,Speaking of Corbin, when he was on L.A. Law as the naughty Arnie, I had a crush on him…LOL,strange but true. Not so dishy these days but still a good actor. Will be a movie to see, hope it happens.

    Hi MaryAnne, You are very welcome. And,welcome to Veggies… too.

    Hi Caroline, I certainly agree.

    Hi Dawn, It is great isn’t it. Kyle sent me an email today…enjoying the post and comments coming in from all of you too.

    Hi Sheep, Call it a thank you for all the terrific laughs you provide to my days! Glad you liked the story.

    Hi Teddy, I totally agree, guess we missed this boat. Time to think of another great idea, this one is really special though, isn’t it?

    Hi UV, I am going to check out that book, sounds intriguing.

    Thanks to all of you for the comments and for stopping by. Here’s to more great ideas!!!

    BFN, G 🙂

  10. I’ve heard about him on NPR and loved the idea. When they updated the story to say he got his house I was so happy for him.

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