Summer Purse and Sox Set

  Isn’t this a fun set??? (sorry photo no longer available)


 This pattern just arrived in my inbox, via the Lion Brand newsletter.

And I am ready to turn in my too heavy purse for something more along these lines, at least for the summer. Of course, not practical for every day but probably enough room for carrying what I need on walks, quick trips to the store etc…. I also think the sandal socks are a fun idea too.

I’m going to scour my stash and give this pattern a whirl. Looks like a fun, take-along project and great for KIP ( did I get that right? ) . Still have a long way to go with the new knitting jargon…..I’m trying!!!

What is your take on purses? Is yours weighing you down, hurting your shoulder and just generally slowing down your day?

Get the Pattern at : Lion Brand Walking Set

Happy Knitting and Weekend.   🙂


9 responses

  1. I have so many knitting projects started & in various stages of development, but it looks like it’s time to start another one.

  2. Oh, that is just adorable!!! I don’t tend to have purse issues as I change them out pretty frequently. (I’ve developed something of a purse-addiction in my later years…) This forces me to clean out the old as I break in the new and they weigh much less.

  3. I’m trying to teach myself how to knit and crochet. It’s rough going. Ack!

    I don’t carry a purse. I have a little thing that is similar to this that I got at a hiking store that I carry. Or I carry a backpack because it has my camera in it, too.

  4. Hi! I tried to leave a comment for you and it didn’t take. Anyhow, yes, I would love the recipe calling for currants. Thanks! Haven’t seen you over at Veggin’ Out, yet. I think you would like it there! Have a great weekend!

  5. I use a backpack to carry stuff, including my small purse. I like these guys you’re showing here!!!’

  6. It seems my purses get bigger and bigger because I keep adding things like my cell phone, glasses, etc. But I prefer carrying a small purse. The best would be no purse at all, but I can’t get away with that.

  7. I am pretty sick of carrying around a purse. It’s getting very heavy. No matter how much I try to pare down, It’s still uncomfortable. It seems like I’ll not use something for a while (like a small bottle of advil) and then I’ll take it out and go figure, the very next day, I’ll be away from home with a throbbing headache. Love the idea of knitting that purse. It’s super cute.

  8. My friend used to work for Kate Spade. For x-mas one year she gave me a black brushed nylon backpack. I love it, even when I switch from it, I always go back to it. It matches everything and I can put it on my back when I don’t want to deal with it. It has held up really well for like 6 years!

    Good luck with this cute set!

  9. Hi UV, Heh, it’s a small project, that makes it ok I think. 🙂

    Hi Sheep, Wow, a purse addiction….what about shoes??? That’s a lot more common I think.

    Hi Dawn, You will catch on with the crafts, no problem…with all the talents you have these should be a piece of cake!

    Hi K, Backpacks seem to be a popular choice.

    Hi Beth, This is pretty small but would definitely be great just to carry a small phone,key and some change.

    Hi VV, At one time, I carried EVERYTHING around with me (except the kitchen sink LOL) but I do try to keep cleaning out the debris and paring down the excess. I like this set a lot.

    Hi Karen, That sounds like a bag thats made to last. Ill share the photos if/when I get to this set, for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by, loved all your comments, G

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