Just a couple of links to share….

I was browsing the McCall’s Pattern site this morning and found this lovely, easy to make Journal/Book Cover project. I’m thinking, this would be a great way to make any book gift, extra special. And of course for journals, to have one personalized would certainly add to the appeal. Just click on the link, add your email address, and presto: your Book Cover is almost a done deal, LOL…..well not quite but the instructions are there when you want them. Not too early to be thinking Christmas gift ideas either. 

I plan to make a few of these, if time permits….still working on deleting sleep from my to-do list, don’t know how else I will ever catch up. Any suggestions for squeezing extra hours out of a day would be most appreciated!

Get the instructions at: Journal/Book Cover

And… on an entirely different topic:

I also wanted to bring you an update from The City Hippy.  Al has now ‘resurrected’ his informative and interesting weekly newsletter and invites all of you to sign up for upcoming issues.  

Green tips, various articles of interest and on a personal note, I will be contributing a weekly recipe/photo/green tip of my own!!! I was honored to be asked and look forward to being a contributor to the newsletter and a part of all  that the worldwide City Hippy movement stands for.

You can check out The City Hippy blog and sign up for upcoming newsletters at:  City Hippy Newsletter , top right hand corner, first page, can’t miss it!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!         🙂


6 responses

  1. How funny…I was just figuring out how to cover a notebook for knitting patterns a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t like what I came up with so maybe this will work! Thanx

  2. Oh i love the book cover! Reminds me of when i was in school in the 1970s and we were “forced” to cover our textbooks… i never liked to do that, but i grudgingly did. If i’d had covers like THIS, i would have been thrilled!

  3. Hi Geraldine-
    Thank you for pointing out that my blog only accepts reg. users. I was new to this when I set it up. I have fixed it, so let me know if you have any problems the next time you post. Thanks for this link- I subscribed to the city hippy and am looking forward to your contribution to it. Thanks for the add!

  4. I’m not that handy, so I’ll just admire from afar.

  5. email friend Elaine

    I just love the look of the Book Cover. I certainly hope I will be able to make it. Thank you for including the site for the instructions.
    I am also interested in the City Hippy, I am glad you included the link. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Sheep, That was good timing, wasn’t it? This pattern looks easy and the results are certainly nice.

    Hi K, I remember some of those covers too, not pretty at all….LOL

    Hi Karen, You’re welcome, a lot of times bloggers don’t realise this is the default (I think?) on Blogger, then they miss comments from all the rest of us LOL…like WP etc. Thanks for signing up for the newsletter, next one out Sunday night, all the way from jolly old England. Good thing I don’t have to drop off my copy in person!!!

    HI UV, This is very easy, Im sure you could make this cover, no problem.

    Hi Elaine, Glad you liked both of these links and hope you will enjoy the newsletter. Good luck with the covers, aren’t they pretty?

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by, Have a great weekend! G 🙂

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