The Mitz: Check out my bud Simba!!!

Wow, I’ve performed some feats of daring in my time but it appears that my pal Simba has taken the kibbles with this show of talent! (sorry, Simba’s photo no longer available)

I am impressed and that doesn’t happen very often. Being so outstanding myself and in so many ways, makes for a tough act to follow!!! Snort, snort…..

Although we have only met via Meowmie’s Blogland ( get real Meowmie pleeeeasssse………. ) I feel that the beautiful Simba and I have a lot in common and of course so much to share with the world. Both of us possess incredible strength, beauty, intelligence, not to mention the inexhaustible patience it takes to get by in a humanoid world (and believe me, it ain’t easy!!!)

Check out the whole story over at Simba’s Pawmie’s blog, the Stone and Plank. Click this ok: Simba the Ninja and you’re there! Meowmie likes that blog too (she likes waaaaaaay too many blogs) and of course Simba’s Meowmie’s blog at Earth Friendly Gardening is another fav.

Have a fabulous, feline day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chow for now, The Mitz


18 responses

  1. OH.

    Woah, now that is talent!!

  2. Have to write this quickly…don’t want Persephone and Desdemona to know that I used to have another cat. When I was growing up I was owned by a feline who used to sit on the doortops as well. Until the day my Dad shut the door. She didn’t seem to enjoy the activity so much after that. Tell Simba to give fair warning when he’s performing that feat!

  3. That is amazing. Truly amazing!

  4. quick. call David Letterman!

  5. Thank you Mitzi, for acknowledging my talents in your blog post, and all of you for your compliments. I’ve long known that I was destined to be famous and adored by millions. The people I own are nice but they don’t worship me nearly as much as I deserve.

    You may all rise now.

    Simba (the Ninja)

  6. Yes, Simba, you are truly a STAR! What an amazing display of feline acrobatics.

    Hey, Gracie actually does that. We think she is a Norwegian forest cat; apparently those cats love heights. Could Simba be from Norway as well? 🙂

  7. I can’t believe Gracie does that too, that’s so funny! Maybe she & Simba are related. Besides Ninja-Puss, Simba’s other nicknames are Flying Angel and Monkey-Puss because she’s so light on her feet and loves to leap around and do acrobatics.

  8. Greetings Humans….and of course the divine Simba!

    Hello Ms.K, Ya got that right!

    Hello Ms. Sheep, I will have to report this to D and P, you realize that??? Thank you for the tails up, re: door slamming, Simba please take note buddy…

    Hello Ms.Jennifer, Yes…. you are surprised?????

    Hello Ms. Urban, Can you provide a phone number and Ill get right on it. Had planned to anyways.

    Hello Dear Simba, Of course I do not need to rise as we are equals but yes, by all means, the humans should get up while they still can. Glad you enjoyed the post, I thought your latest feat should be spread far and wide….It appears your Meowmie approves too.

    Hello Ms. Kim, Yes, of course SImba is a star. Gracie, note the door warning from Ms. Sheep….yikes!!!

    Hello Simba’s Meowmie, Glad you could stop by. Was Simba’s Pawmie able to read this adoring commentary too?

    Headbonks to all, The Marvelous Mitz

    PS: Meowmie signed me in, that’s why my name isnt pawed at the top of this, got it???

  9. that is one cool cat!


  10. Hey Mitzi,

    My mom is going to be so sorry I saw this!

  11. Wow! How in the world did Simba get up there?

  12. Ms.Teddy, Ya got that right, that’s why Simba’s my bud!!!

    Heh Willie, All Ive gotta say is…snort, snort…let her have it!!!!

    Ms. Opal (ya, my Meowmie told me your REAL name, it’s nice BTW!) But about the door trick, we felines have our ways and our secrets…I cannot tell.

    chow for now oh Humans and Divine Wills and thanks for stopping in…. The Mitz

  13. That is AMAZING!!!! You have great camera skills (and, obviously, speed too!)

  14. Dear Tasha, (Yeah, my Meowmie told me your name too…) I cannot take credit for the photo, it was the work of Simba’s Pawmie (or perhaps Meowmie). It is great work considering humans did it, I do agree.Simba was willing to be photographed too, that makes a huuuuuuuuge difference!

    Headbonks, The Mitz

  15. Pretty funny! We’ve got a picture that’s very similar of our Violet from when she was a kitten. She used to jump from the bathroom sink to the top of the door and just hang out there. At 8 years old now though she’s not as much of a jumper anymore.

  16. Hi Chris, How is Violet doing now? Was that your cat that was sick a while back, hope she is feeling much better. What a great name for a cat (or girl for that matter!) so cute.

    Mitzi is 18 YEARS OLD and she can still fly through the air and jump amazing lengths…she is truly a wonder….

    Ive had quite a few cats over the years (correction, Ive been owned by quite a few cats) and have seen a lot of great tricks but no door-sitting before. Simba rocks!!!

    Glad you could stop by, G

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