Whatever happened to Ed Allen????

I know that some of my younger blog readers will be wondering right about now, ‘who the hell is Ed Allen anyways’ ….Well let me tell you and here’s hoping I’m not the only one in Blogland who remembers this long-time TV exercise super-guru.

To backtrack a few days….Joe and I were discussing (and not for the first time) the marvels of the Internet and how, no matter what time, how weird, how obscure the topic, or how dated….somewhere on the Internet, it or they will be found.

Ok, so back to my question…Whatever happened to Ed Allen?

This was a man who had a following of millions of viewers and fans, from all over the world. This was during the ( if memory serves ) 1970’s…..all the way up to the early 90’s I believe.

I can fondly remember my dear mom Helen, sweating it out in front of our little TV, doing Ed’s endless aerobic routines. And I mean faithfully, Monday to Friday, to miss was to be remiss. Ed was king when it came to exercise.

Then along came Barbie, Ed’s second wife and again, more routines, with LP’s (remember those???) and videos to follow. Barbie was the epitome of PERKY….you just couldn’t help but smile when she showed up on the set. And the set was usually somewhere on the beach in the beautiful, sunny Bahamas…wow, my kind of exercise site. Enough to get anyone doing jumping-jacks (yeah, Ed did lots of those)!

Ed even paid a visit to our city and of course my mom was there to meet the man. She was not disappointed!!!. In person he was even taller and better-looking than anticipated, or so she reported that evening. Sigh….more sweating!!! I certainly hope my dad didn’t hear those particular comments. He tended to be an (unnecessarily but nevertheless) jealous guy.

So, with all this history, what I really want to know is: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ED ALLEN and why is he no where to be found online?

I couldn’t even provide a photo to go with this post.  I’ve tried Google and Yahoo and various celebrity and even ‘dead or alive’ sites…. nothing, nada, no Exercise Ed….where can he be? And if he has left this world, should that not also be recorded somewhere ?

So if you know, let me know. My inquiring mind wants to know. Don’t you?              🙂

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  1. Greetings! Thanks for visiting Arboreality – I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    I admit that I’ve never heard of Ed Allen, and my googles were equally fruitless. Still, here is what I did find:

    WGNTV Historical Timeline – 1961
    January WGN adds a new exercise program “Ed Allen Time.”

    Ed Allen Time – Image
    Ed Allen Time

    I guess those don’t really tell you his fate. Good luck in the search! 😉


  2. Nope, you have stumped me! Whether it is my age…30 something, or geography…New England. All I remember is Jack La Lanne – who is hocking juicers now. But you have triggered many a memory of TV shows past (one in particular is the old sea captain learn to draw show that was on at 6 in the morning when I was growing up)

    Good luck with your search! 🙂

    BTW, to your “what makes a good blog” post a while back, there is a GREAT webspell checker (which I used on this post) at http://iespell.com/ unfortunately it only works in IE…(but they make that kind of clear…) 😉

  3. Hello JLB and thanks for stopping by…I loved your beautiful garden blog btw….Also, thanks for the links, you found more than I did. Ed was around for even longer than I thought, or so it appears.

    Hello readers….If you need a hahaha…be sure to click on the link to Ed Allen Time image that JLB has so kindly provided above. Yikes!!! The caption was certainly correct, cover art gone BAD!!!

    Hello Heather, Nice problem to have, being too young to remember an old TV program LOL, thanks for trying to dig up some info. though. Slim pickins’ indeed. Also for the info. re: the spell check. I do try to check mine, either in Word or WP but sometimes I don’t. Spelling is so important though, as is grammer. Adds polish, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully more of the Ed mystery will be revealed….

    Cheers, G 🙂

  4. It is a sad testimony to my poor history of excercise that I know nothing of Mr. Ed. I just knew that attention to this matter only in middle age would come back to haunt me. ::sigh:: Good luck in your search!

  5. I can’t say I’ve heard of him but that doesn’t surprise me. I rarely know the names of people. I think I have a mental block. Heh.

  6. Hi, Ed is a great friend of mine.
    He is very private person.
    Very healthy.
    Exercises every day.
    Great shape
    He will be 80 soon.

  7. Hey Dave
    As an x-employee of the Barbie and Ed Allen show in Canada, you do not know how happy it makes me to know that Ed is healthy and in great shape. Every time I think of those days, it puts a smile on my face and still inspires me to grapevine across the office.


  9. Laura, How long were you with Ed and Barbie?
    Would you be comfortable leaving your last name?
    Is “Grapevine” a word Ed used?

  10. Dave, grapevine is a little dance move that Barbie liked to use in her exercise routines. I worked in the Ontario, Evans Ave. office for about 6 years. Barbie and Ed know my last name they were at my wedding.

  11. So, did anyone find out if you can get the viedos anywhere? I want to get them for my mother in law for christmas.

  12. I can remember my mother exercising along to Ed Allen all through my childhood. The only thing that she requested for Xmas was a few tapes of the program if I could find them online. I thought that given all of the info out there this should be easy! If anyone should find some to order please let me know.

  13. I recall Ed Allen during the 50’s and early 60’s in the Detroit, Michigan area. He was on a one hour program about 9:00 or 10:00 AM weekdays along with Carol Duvall (demonstrating crafts) and Lorene Babcock (the decorating guru). I believe these programs were of local origination(to Detroit)and were either on the NBC affiliate (WWJ-TV channel 4 back then) which is now WDIV, or the ABC affiliate WXYZ channel 7. Possibly you could contact Carol Duvall through her web-site and get more current information about Ed Allen from her…Good Luck, and thanks for bringing back some great memories…Ken

  14. I used to exercise to Ed’s show many years ago and wondered what happened to him. I am so glad to hear that he is still with us and in good health. I remember one exercise where you were on your hands and knees, then stretched your leg backward and went “Woof, woof”. It was always fun to follow his show.

  15. As Ed Allen’s nephew I was lucky enough to be one of the Ed
    Allen “Exercise Kids” . We performed excercises dressed in our little white uniforms for various televised events. We thought Ed was great. That was prior to his dumping his devoted wife Kay, an acclomplished actress and painter who had her own show years ago “The Kathy and Salty Show”. Kay was a driving force in producing the exercise shows and building Ed’s success. Ed took up with his assistant, Barbie, and left his wife and children broke. He moved to unpublished addresses in Canada, where where he took up citizenship to avoid the U.S. courts who had awarded his family financial settlements, both privately and in the business. They never saw a dime. We then learned of the years of physical and mental abuse Ed had heaped upon his family, (such as making his small son lick the basement floor from one end to the other when the child hadn’t swept it properly).He never saw his wife and children again. His wife, Kay, went through untold hardship raising and supporting their kids on her own. She began life all over, middle-aged as a public highschool teacher in the roughest ghetto school in Chicago, Englewood. My father and his siblings were left to help pay Ed’s kids tuitions and support. Kay was physically frail. Stress and terrible illness took her life way to soon. With their mother’s caring the children went on to become admirable adults who, gratefully, show none of the dispicable traits of their conceited worthless father. Ed now lives somewhere in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Send your fan mail there.

  16. Wow, that’s some comment. I have always wondered why there is nothing much on the Internet re: Ed Allen, past and present. Perhaps this comment explains why. I am deeply saddened to think that what you write about is all true. (And I am NOT saying it isn’t!) If it is, I certainly am glad that my mom never found out that one of her ‘heroes’ was actually so badly tarnished. I am glad you stopped in Rick, to explain this from your viewpoint. Any other comments on this??


  17. I was sure I heard Ed allen died of a heart attack some years ago???

  18. Wow Rick, I didn’t enjoy reading your post.
    Sounds sad. That doesn’t sound like the ed i know.
    To not help your own kids..thats harsh…many people have a bad and bitter divorce .I’m sorry to hear your story. dave

  19. Anyone out there that can find Eds exercise tapes please e-mail me @ butterflychick@sympatico.ca, or just send me a line about Ed.It has been awesome reading all the info, and I am happy I finally found this site. I will look forward to hearing from anyone interested.Thanks. Kath.

  20. I’m from the UK and some of my earliest TV memories were of Ed Allen dressed in a blue outfit doing star jumps on a mat and, of course, me trying to imitate what he was doing. (I was younger than 3 and so my star jumps were pretty bad!)

    Can anyone tell me where those episodes might have been filmed? All I can remember was that there was a coastline backdrop.. lots of (palm?) trees.. he was on a veranda somewhere high up.. it always looked gorgeous and exotic (compared to rainy Britain anyway). Was it Hawaii? Wherever it was, I would like to go there on holiday! Thanks, Don.

  21. Are you kidding me?

    My mom just asked me if I could transfer a surviving Barbie Allen Dance/Exercise LP to a tape. So I listened to it and I realized that I’m not actually that old, I only know these songs cause I kept hearing them over and over again at a very young and impressionable age. Blimey.

    I actually came here looking for Barbie, since I didn’t know anything about Ed. Does anyone know if they updated their hairstyles?

    Oh yeah, the LP I’ve got has:
    Side A
    Arthur’s Theme
    I Can’t Go for That
    Ladies Night
    You’ll Never Find a Love Like Mine

    Side B:
    Night Fever
    You Are the Sunshine of My Life
    Just the Two of Us

  22. Was barbie the one with jet black “Farrah” hair that always wore red shorts?? I’m trying to figure out if I’m thinking of the same people.

  23. Hi,
    I was a great fan of Ed’s . In 1965 when still in the air force and being well feed. I went from 155lbs to 195lbs. TV with Ed Allen trimed me right back to 155. I sure have missed him. Wish him well and do wish we could purchase his exercise programes.
    Don Harris

  24. Don Cool, Ed talked about filming in the Bahamas quite a bit.
    Persei, Eds big hair is the same..lol..just grey.
    Ed will be 80 soon.
    Very healthy.
    Still in shape.Built like a Truck.
    He hates all the new excercise machines these days.
    People selling snake oil.
    Jumping jacks,sit-ups,squats,pull-ups ect..is all you need says Ed…no need to spend hundreds on the next invention
    Thats what i like about him…..Keep it simple.

  25. I am also interested in acquiring copies of Ed Allen’s programs (vgateman@yahoo.com). My grandmother died @ 92 this past weekend. One of the fond memories I have was rising and exercising with her to Ed Allen as the sun rose.
    I agree, if my memory serves me well, I remember his show as functional and achievable…but i was between 5-8 years of age at the time.

  26. I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to remember the name of the man in the spiffy jump suit who used to come on in the mornings when I was a wee child. Ed Allen! Of course! And now that I read these posts, of course! His lovely assistant in the red shorts! Bummer if that stuff about running away with her : (

    How I love the internet. I’m pleased to learn that I’m not the only one who remembers. And I’m surprised to learn that Mr. Allen worked out of Ontario (in a greenhouse, maybe?).

    Cheers for the blog!

  27. janfromthebruce

    Hi all,
    I was asking in a fitness class the other day about ed allen. Years ago, I worked for Ed and Barbie Allen, as a Dancerise instructor and than worked in their head office in Mississauga, On. That was when dancerize was all the rage, and yes, I remember teaching routines with the ‘grapevine’ in it.
    I also was working for them when that Album came out, and the routines on it, I remember those too. Also, on the back of the album cover was a shot of dancerize girls.
    They were interesting people to work for, and I never trusted them.

  28. It makes me sad to read Rick’s account. Ed was a great man to work for. Janfromthebruce, if you were in the office at the same time I was, how could you not trust such good people. They were ahead of their time when it came to healthy living. Getting paid, keeping healthy, learning a life style, teaching others this skill; is a pretty good way to make a living. We took our dancersie girls on the road to malls and the CNE to promote the Album. I have a few photos, everyone’s hair was big in the 80’s. Dave here I have added my last name.

  29. I exercised every day with Ed Allen. I would love to get copies of his tapes. He made exercising fun and a good workout. Perhaps they could put his tapes back on T.V.

  30. Rosanna Vizzuso

    I used to call the T.V. station to put ED ALLEN’S EXCERCISE shows …. I remember I was only 8 yrs of age to excerise always with Ed Allen, this was during the summer time at 8:am in the morning and then when I got older I did the excercises faithfully every single day from Mon-Fri, I stayed pretty slim, I would love to see his excersice shows again, or if there is a way to order the excersie shows of Ed Allen, he was the BEST, was very easy to follow his programs. If some one knows how to order, please let me know, tks!!!! HI ED ALLEN I am so Happy that you are alive & well, I miss your T.V. Shows alot……..I hope they are aired on T.V. once again.

  31. I know there are a lot of people who would benefit from exercising with The Ed Allan Exercise Show reruns If they can make copies of other older shows, I think this one would be one that would sell just as well. Someone in the ‘know’ of this type of venture should look into this for us. This way we would all win. And please let me know if anyone has a video or dvd of this show, perhaps they taped it while it was still runn on TV. Thanks. w.d.i@sasktel.net

  32. Ed Allen and his get rich quick schemes….I did work for him in the late 80’s in Mississauga and was never paid. He took and used the product, but was unreachable when payment was due. Some of my business contacts in the area will tell you the same story as he left a trail of unpaid bills. His “head office” in Mississauga was nothing more than a false address.

  33. Ed Allen was just on a TV commercial, for Target stores or something

  34. I know I would benefit from Ed Allen”s reruns. I enjoyed exercising with him. I always thought Barbie was his daughter. I could never understand why he just disappeared off the air one day and I’m sorry to hear all the negative stories about him. I saw the commercial and I also presumed that it was him or Jack Lalane.

  35. Marie Fielding - Ross

    I also worked for Ed & Barbie Allen during the early 80’s. I travelled from Hamilton to Toronto & Calgary doing demos for them and was treated with a great deal of class & respect. So where are they now? I’ve often wondered. Marie

  36. Marie Fielding - Ross

    I also worked for Ed & Barbie Allan in the early 80’s. I found them to be wonderful people. I have travelled from Hamilton to Toronto & Calgary to demo for them and was always treated with a great deal of class & respect.

  37. I was just wondering the same thing…who was that guy who inspired me to get off the couch on a regular basis and made it fun…Ed something? What does he look like now?Found this site and although he was older when I saw him on TV here in NZ, the program was good .
    The history sounds sadly typical of celebrities, as they lose the plot so often . I would still be interested in purchasing the tapes if available.

  38. Hello. I too have been wondering what had happened to him. I remember when i was begining in high school 1979 and seeing hin do his stuff and following along and feeling great. I also would like to know if there are any videos being made. So if there is any please email me.

  39. Hello. This is for the person that has the beta tapes. Here is a web site that does the conversions of all formats. http://www.videoforyou.com

  40. Hi there – I have been searching all day for video footage (particularly of the opening of The Ed Allen Show) as, for me, it was the one indicative thing of growing up in the 1980s here in New Zealand. None of my friends or family even recall this TV show, amazing to me as I remember it so vividly. People exercising in the Bahamas, can-can girls and bright lights – classic! So weird yet so….memorable. I’m 27 years old, come on people, how can you not remember The Ed Allen Show??? Pity about the news he’s been instigating dubious business dealings since then, and in Mississauga of all places. I have family there too, nice place! Anyhoo…any links to video of this show would be greatly appreciated.

  41. “Step and lunge and back and straight”.

    I have many fond memories of exercising along with Ed in the late 70’s and early 80’s, probably between the ages of 10 and 15. Unfortunately I was in my living room in Toronto and not on Grand Bahama Island.

    I believe the show was broadcast on Channel 3, CKVR Barrie. I still have an Ed Allen exercise book – plenty of pictures of Ed and Barbie doing their thing. The “Ooh Ah” face exercise, “The Killer”. I also remember those sit-ups he’d do with the extra arm motions on the way back down. And of course, the arm curls with the soup cans.

  42. I was wondering today “whatever happened to Ed Allen?”, Googled the name and this site came up. I am sure I remember my mom watching it in the morning in the sixties (could it have been the early seventies?? I don’t know) …. I do remember how he would call out different names as he exercised which must have made the at-home exercising ladies squeal with delight. The locations looked so exotic to my young eyes. It was a loooooooooonnng time ago. Sad that he may have been a bad guy.

  43. hello,

    barbie allen is living in mississauga and married to my cousin for the past 14 years.. her and ed’s daughter lives in the US and have a one year old baby boy..

    barbie never talks of ed but does have her gold and platnum framed albums on a wall in her study

    she helps her husband run his shell gas station near eglinton and winston churchill blvd..

    walk in , recognize her and say hey arent you…

  44. Don’t know what triggered his memory for me or why I decided to google Ed Allen, but this has been very interesting reading. When my kids were pre-schoolers I worked from home as a dressmaker and Ed & Barbie were clients. I made the gold-coloured jumpsuits he wore for the series that was made in the Bahamas circa 1977/78 as well as a few outfits for Barbie. I’ve wondered what became of them (Ed & Barbie – not the jumpsuits). I confess I was not a fan of the show but our 5 yr. old was fascinated by seeing someone he knew on TV and watched it every day while I sewed in the next room. One day he became very alarmed while watching the show, saying that Mrs. Allen should take some driving lessons and drive slower. She had left our house just a few minutes before the show came on. I had a difficult time trying to explain that she hadn’t actually driven from west of Toronto to the channel 9 location east of the city in a few minutes. My husband had spoken to Ed numerous times by phone but they had never actually met face to face. Once we had a VERY early flight to Chicago and while we were sitting in the lounge and I was still half asleep, my husband asked “Isn’t that Ed over there?” Opening one eye I peered in the direction he was pointing, said “yeh” and went back to sleep. I was horrified when my husband strode over to greet him like an old friend. Ed thought he was being accosted by a crazed, over zealous fan – my husband had forgotten that he recognized Ed from TV but Ed didn’t have a clue what he looked like. As for the more personal comments that others have written – none of them really surprise me – they both impressed me as multi-facetted people.

  45. It’s fun to read the posts.
    Ed is still doing great.
    He is a good man.
    I don’t like to hear the bad stuff.
    I can see people googling Ed to remember his fitness show ect. but
    Why would someone google him after 25yrs if they have bad memories or things to say,it seems strange. Oh well.

  46. I agree with Dave. I don’t want to hear the bad stuff either. I would love to have some of his tapes to exercise with.

  47. Good or bad, this has certainly been an interesting discussion and I appreciate all the comments and the many(daily) clicks on this post.

    As I mentioned before, my mom was a huge Ed Allen fan, she would have been saddened to think that any of the ‘bad’ stuff was true.

    I am still curious as to why Ed Allen has no presence on the internet, except for this post/comments,it really is a mystery.

    Everyone who was anyone is on the internet, I can’t remember one other example when I had searched for a famous person and found nothing.

    Perhaps Ed Allen himself would find this commentary interesting and want to give his side of the story. What do you think Dave? He would be welcome to do so.


  48. PS: Same goes for Barbie Allen. According to Natasha (comment #43)apparently, she (Barbie) is now remarried and living in Ontario, Canada.
    What do you think Natasha, would Barbie like to add a comment?

  49. Veggie,
    I asked him about the internet also.
    Ed is very private.
    He said his past is his past.
    Knowing Ed as well as I do i imagine working for him would have been tough for many.
    He Is a perfectionist. Very high standards kinda guy.
    He doesn’t let much slide.
    Business was not a game to him.
    It was probably his way or the highway.
    I think He knew what he wanted to create and he created it.
    People that were not the company first type probably did didn’t get along with him well.
    I would want Ed on my team any day.
    I like him.
    Does anyone know that Ed is a great artist?.


  50. The Patel brothers do not have a cousin by the name of Natasha, so you are not who you say you are. I have been in the Patel family for the last 25 years and never had the priviledge of meeting “you, cousin Natasha”. So why are you pretending to be who you are not unless you have dishonest ulterior motives.

    What is more, although it would seem you have to be someone who has been in Barbie’s home, some of the provided information is way off. So how do you explain to be close enough to know the house and accept the hospitality and then write such a far off story. Shame on you for disclosing what is truly private matters, and for being such a coward and hiding behind a fake ID. Does your brain compute : Whatever happened to Ed Allen – NOT whatever happened to Barbie Allen.

    So cousin Natasha, please get lost.

  51. I’m watching it all

  52. Hey, It’s really easy to come on here as anyone and pretend you’re someone else — wow — I can use anyone’s email address that I know — and say whatever I want — that’s why you used this site to cause trouble Natasha — now I get it

  53. I would REALLY appreciate everyone who is leaving comments here to act like adults and not get into playing games.

    I don’t know who is telling the truth and who is making up stories…sad to think there are people who don’t have anything better to do, than post lies.

    I really was enjoying reading the comments on this post up until the last couple of weeks. I don’t want to delete this post and comments entirely, but I will if the sniping continues.

    I also don’t appreciate people sending me emails/attachments…trying to lure me into their own personal ‘intrigues’.

    That’s not what I want blogging to be, for me or for anyone else.

    All I can say to anyone who is posting lies, on anyone’s blog: GET A LIFE!!!!

  54. hello, can you please delete post #43 which gives too much personal information, I think once that post is gone, the sniping will go with it and the discussion can get back to the friendly banter that we were all enjoying, I don’t think anyone will be offended if you remove that posting.

  55. — yes, I agree with the last post, it’s that post which started it all — and getting rid of it just might end it all


  56. I agree with you Geraldine….
    Life is too short and many people are suffering in this world;Especially at this time of the year. I am floored to read such crap. What is important to know is Ed and Barbie have accomplished great things in this life time and they were huge in Canada. To many, they are still considered celebraties. They brought people new found hope through fitness and helped people ( like me )realize how important it was to take care of yourself. Having not known them personally, only through dancercise and TV, I can tell you they influenced my fitness life….Who cares about what they are doing in their personal life…what matters is …they gave back to others. For those of you that don’t have a life I suggest you find a charity to support during this holiday season.

  57. — so does anyone know of any music exercise cds with more modern music that they’ve really found good — I’m looking for something with both fast and slow — a good workout with a slowdown at the end

    dancercise is not dead you know!


  58. Ever hear of Paige Palmer? She was my guru from WEWS Cleveland. I lived half way between there and Detroit and was an Ed Allen fan, too.

  59. My youth was privileged to be able to work with Barbie and Ed Allen in the early 80’s. They gave me life skills and the ability to make fitness a part of my life style. I do know that Ed is a great artist. He was meticulous in his work and used to create the drawings from scratch which were used in fitness fliers to advertise Dancersize across Canada. The charm behind Ed Allen is the fact that he created the exercise show in the 80’s and it is was enriched with the music and fashion at the time.

  60. I was one of Barbie Allen’s instructors — reminiscing brought me to this site.

    It was the best time in my life teaching those classes, learning new routines and demo-ing in the malls. It was the era of no pain no gain, but I was in the best shape of my life and Barbie Allen Dancercise was fun.

    Are there any other B.A. girls out there still?

  61. I too would love to get my hands on copies of the shows. They made excercising fun. Whoever has the rights to these is sitting on a pile of money … cause I and obviously many others would pay to excercise with Ed again.
    Please let me know if anyone has any info.

  62. Looking for Ed’s tapes was what brought me to this
    site. He got me to excercise every morning before
    going to work, something that NO-ONE was able
    to get me to do. I belong to a gym since 1991 I
    pay my dues regularly and you can count the times
    I have attended in one hand, yet Ed was able to get
    me to excercise every morning. I miss the show
    very much and today I actually need it to get moving and feel better about myself.

    It was great to hear that I’m not alone looking for
    his tapes.

    I personally don’t care about his private life, I only
    know what he gave me. A fit body.

    Please, Please if anybody has any tapes of his show
    or knows where to get them please let me know.

    Thanks Very Much, Sandy

    P.S. This is my first time writing a blog, it feels strange.

  63. Hi, I have to say when I was about eleven or twelve in the 70’s Ed’s program helped me to lose weight I was gaining for whatever reason….I sure could use him now in my forties..lol I always wondered what happened to him as well. I donot like that one negative comment about his child in the basement . It is not necessary to post that. Even if it was true as horrible as it is protrayed that is going to be between him and God to answer for.

    I would love to see those videos again…although I don’t think I can reach my toes anymore due to back problems….

  64. Am still searching .. if anybody has managed to track down copies of the show, would you please email me at vera_murphy@sympatico.ca

  65. this site is CENSORED
    ms veggie does not want me to post here because she doesnt like my name
    nor did she believe me when I said I had original footage of ed allen
    sending her the opening frame of that show only annoyed her, so now she can’t bring herself to say”sorry”
    blogs are not meant to be censored…..

  66. Dear Ms. Me,

    Perhaps you should try getting a life! If someone is writing stupid or crude comments (which yours have been) yes, I will remove them from my site, as does every other blogger I know.

    Writing to ask READERS how to download photos on to my blog, is not something that I appreciate.

    Yes, your choice of names is silly, but’s that isn’t the only reason that your comments were removed. Why not leave this post for people who genuinely have an interest in the topic, not just to be annoying, which you are.

    If you want to waste your time posting comments, go right ahead, I don’t think anyone is too impressed.

  67. I used to see Ed Allen on TV when I was kid in the 60s. I suppose some people got some benefit out of his routines, but my sisters and I just thought it was good for a laugh.

    Sorry to hear the shameful story about his abandonment of his first family. If this is true, Ed Allen has a lot to answer for.

  68. Hi Geraldine

    I also would love to find any exercise videos from the Ed Allen shows. I used to watch the show everyday and do the exercises and it kept me in shape. I watched the show in 1977,78,79, and 80. It was on at 9am mon- to fri. in b.c. I dont remember when it went off the air but sure wish the network would show reruns , it was a lot better than some of the exercise shows now. If you find out anything let me know.
    Thanks Margaret

  69. I do recall seeing his show on for years back when I was a kid. Ed would never stand a chance at getting his show on now. He generally used things found around the house to exercise with and that wouldn’t go over well with sponsors trying to sell you $120 wrist and ankle weights and $250 designer work out suits and all the rest

  70. Angela Zelenkovich

    Well, well, well. What a surprise to see this site! I too wonder what’s happened to Ed. I also remember his TV programs with fondness and enjoyed the locations, letters he read to viewers and exercise tips. I’m a former Dancercise Instructor/Area Director living in beautiful British Columbia who loved the product and loved both Ed & Barbie. To my shagrin, Barbie turned out to be a big disappointment! Being very loyal and dedicated to the company at its inception in Hamilton Ontario, assisting with Calgary’s opening, participating in various non paid demos at the CNE, PNE, malls, on T.V., benefits and then promoted to open up locations on the west coast, was one of the, if not the greatest career experience of my life! I thank them for that but I must confess, it was quite hurtful to be treated without respect and trust by Barbie during the west coast opening. Her catlike (sneaky) tactics and creating competition between her managers, instead of “teamwork” contributed greatly to the demise of the company – all across Canada. That was a terrible shame! It was a great and fun 8-week dance/exercise program geared toward women which should have been a continued success if she had instilled a ‘team spirit” attitude and listened to my feedback for this part of the country. I really feel sorry for Ed. Am very glad to know he’s alive, healthy and doing well. He deserves it. I still have 2 Dancercise albums (one autographed by Ed & Barbie) and a couple of Dancercise cassette tapes. Will keep them as positive momentos of the fabulous times I had during that phase of my life. For those of you who may be friends, relatives or former employees, I hope you only have good memories of your times with Mr. Fitness himself.

  71. Hullo from a Downunder Ed Allen Fan!! Even as far away from the Bahamas as Melbourne Australia, some of us still pine away for what was one of the best workout shows ever produced. I used to enjoy Ed’s show and Barbie’s little doggie-style exercise(!!) back around 1978-1982. Nobody ever came close to the humour and spontaneity and the backdrop- I have heaps of workout dvd’s in the cupboard, but either they or their backdrops/studio sets are all a little like cardboard cut-outs compared with Mr.Personality Ed Allen. I would trade everyone of them for an Ed Allen!!

    Happy to have stumbled on your blog about him, if dated, and see that others too miss him.

    Cheers to all at this blog theme…and I live in hope someone will dust down his old tapes and re-release them while we are all still around!

  72. I remember ed allen’s excercise show from the 70s, my mam watched it, he maybe available on utube.

  73. what brought me to this site ?
    Well i was watching the A-team and started wondering about what happened to some of them and remembered for some odd reason the Ed Allen show from when I was a child ( I am almost 41 now ) I always wanted to go to where ever it was he was being filmed at …i thought it was a paradise of some kind lol …
    If i remember correctly there was an airplane in the opening credits flying by and the voice that anounced …”its the ed allen show”

  74. Please,if you know where to get Ed Allen exercise taps, let me know. I lost over 100lbs in 1986 by exercising with Ed.
    I did find reference to him in Wikipedia. They want info to.

  75. I have been going to google Ed Allen for the longest time, and WOW what a blog. Thanks for the interesting read. I remember watching Ed as a child (39yrs now) with my brother and our cousin during the Australian summer school holidays. He was on around 9-10am we’d watch whilst waiting for mum to finish the housework and take us to the beach ! I don’t recall exercising, I think we ate Anchovette fish spread on toast and honed our sense of humour, laughing non stop at his antics. Remember he always seemed to speak of a lady called MaryLou ? (“MaryLou , I can see you eating that cookie”) we thought that was hilarious, and Barbie … I suspected, even as a young child that there was something more going on ! I always loved the cheesy heavy american accent opening ” Its the Ed Allen show … with … Ed Allen, in the beautiful Bahamas” Loved the orange zoot suit, just loved the american-ness of it all, gave me the same vibe as the Brady Bunch !Hooray for the Ed Allen show, loved it !!!

  76. Marie Fielding-Ross

    Hi there Janfromthebruce and Angela Z. We all started in Hamilton around the same time back in the early 80’s. The demos and traveling were fun and we were all in good shape – ( I still am – thanks to my fitness background and Ed & Barbie) I just turned 60!!! I know that some of you have lots of negative things to report – but I choose to remember only the positive ones about Ed & Barbie – especially their generosity and friendship during my own difficult divorce.

  77. About 5 years ago I worked with Ed & got a chance to know him.

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy but I honestly grew a little tired hearing him brag about how much he had accomplished in his life… it’s not that I have any jealousy but have you ever met someone that constantly talks about how great they are? He actually carries around in his car a brag book with photos and such that he showed some of us. I’ve learned that truly successful individuals don’t have to brag about how great they are because their reputation speaks.

    Nobody’s perfect. He is a nice guy but he comes across as being very self centered and egotistical at times. Ed worked or still works for Dave (the guy on here that talks about how Ed is doing well so on and so forth). Dave is a whole other story… quite sad actually.

    It is true that Ed is a private person but I always did find it strange how he would not want people to know who he is. It’s almost like he was hiding from something. Especially for a person who thrives on others recognition. Who knows, maybe he owes someone money?

  78. I must have watched Ed Allen during the early 60s because I was away from home by 1967. I’ve been thinking of “Ed…Ed…(who?) Oh yes, Ed ALLEN! and decided to Google, hoping to locate his old TV show tapes, to purchase. Very interesting to find that others are also thinking about him. We just want the old motivating, fit & fun Ed, so we can keep ourselves healthy & feeling great as we age. Pls. let me know if tapes show up somewhere. fourfunsons@hotmail.com

  79. Hi, I was googling and found this site as I was looking for Ed’s Daughter Dawn. If Dave or even Christina still have any contact with Ed or Barbie, please give them my email addy.

    I met Dawn through summer school one year back in the early 80’s when they lived in Oakville at the condo’s off Trafalgar. We dated for most of the summer and stayed friends for about another year and then they moved and I lost contact after that. Met Ed and Barbie a few times and they were always very nice people to me at the time and nothing like what I have read on here, mind you they were both away a lot so didn’t spend much time with them.

    I was trying to find Dawn through Facebook with no success. Always though about how she has been throughout the years and what she has done with her life. I believe she either went to White Oaks or Oakville Trafalgar.

    Any help in getting Dawn my email would be greatly appreciated. 80zeder@gmail.com

  80. Hello, something about Australian sense of humour maybe, I too found this show hilarious and was too busy watching and enjoying to actually exercise – particularly when Barbie did the happy puppy which actually is a great little exercise and yes, loved that opening and always wanted to go to the Bahamas when I grew up.

    Like all of you am googling coz was looking for the DVD, a friend suggested they may have seen it on foxtel??? I wonder who the appropriate people to contact regarding a release would be?? many more obscure shows are available on dvd – am sure this would be an excellent seller to exercise to or just play at parties. Surely irrespective of whether it sold exercise machines or not as that fellow blogger accurately pointed out they could make a decent amount of cash on the dvd alone, just those orange terry towelling tracky daks on point of sale posters along with photos of palm trees and the showgirls would generate interest whether you’d ever heard of Ed or not. I don’t remember the Mary Lou cookie business but sounds like the belly laughs we’d get from watching again would be just as beneficial as the fitness.

    Love that Ed used to just use household items and apparently thinks all those machines are rubbish, it’s true, the simple things in life are often the best.

    Well I wish us all luck, fingers crossed someone will get their act together and make this happen sooner rather than later.

  81. Was it not “beautiful Montego Bay” in the show’s intro?

  82. I have just finished reading almost two years of comments on the Ed Allen Show. Wow! I couldn’t remember Ed’s surname so was thrilled to find this site.

    I was a young mum in the 80’s in NZ and faithfully exercised with Ed every day. I remember going on holiday and asking for the tv to be turned on in the morning so I could continue with “our” exercise regime.

    Now I’m 50 and looking for something simple, yet inspirational. I’m going to start hounding all the local video and DVD stores in the hope that there has been enough interest generated to re-market Ed in all his one-piece glory.

  83. I to remember the Ed Allen Show…I used to work out with it when I was in my 20’s…now I am living in south america and am looking for a program just like his but there is nothing…so if someone finds something please send me the info

  84. I worked for Barbie and Ed Allen in Ottawa. Barbie Allen Dancercise was so much fun. Thanks for the memories.

  85. Thank you again, for all your comments. I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Ed Allen and for many of you, the personal memories you’ve shared about working with him, etc…keep them coming!

  86. Wow, I am soooo excited to find this site. I have been talking about Ed Allen for years to my kids. When I was in Jr. High I was kinda chubby. I started getting up early and meeting with Ed in front of the TV set every AM and slimed down in no time. The thing I liked about it was, It wasn’t too hard and overwhelming. I could just do the exercise for 30 min and then off to school. No sweating buckets, or feeling like I was going to puke. It was sensible. I think the reason our kids don’t exercise as much as they should is that they think they have to go all out and then it becomes this big ordeal and they don’t want to do it. Our kids need someone like Ed to send them off to school in the AM. Lord knows they won’t listen to their mother. I wish I could get some of his tapes.

  87. I just googled Ed and found this site. I am 55 and remember Ed’s TV shows. While I did not participate then, I found his book quite some years later and used it regularly. I too was successful in losing some weight and I LOVED that it was so simple. Easy exercises that could be done at home without expensive equipment. Like many others who wrote on this site, I too would very much like to either buy his DVDs if they were available. It was so nice reading all the comments here by so many others who were fans also of Mr. Allen.

  88. I too enjoyed finding out something about Ed Allen, the Exercise Guru. I’ve been googling him for years trying to find some of his exercise videos or dvd’s, so it was nice to find this site.
    I also used to exercise with Ed every morning, he’s the one who got me off the couch to exercise with him, when he called out my name.
    There isn’t anyone else like him on TV or DVD. His exercises were so easy, and that’s what I’m looking for now. (not even sure if I could do them now, but hope to do some of them) I am 80 years old, but still would like to try to do his exercises!
    Please email me with any information on where I could purchase his videos or dvd’s at gandmdanzey@sympatico.ca
    PS. I also agree that this is not the site to bash Ed Allen!

  89. I recently found 6 exercise pamplets in my Mom’s stuff. I believe them to be from the early 60’s. Ed’s picture is on the front of all of them. Not in the famous jump suit, it was before that. They read…Ed Allen’s 6 best exercises for the LEGS, ARMS, BUST, HIPS, TUMMY, and WAIST. Inside has illustrated (drawing) exercises with instruction. The back has a chart of desirable weight for women. I had no idea who this guy was, I searched the web and fell onto this sight. I was about to put them up on EBay..but may wait to see if any of you fans would like them. They are in great shape. I will wait to hear from someone…

  90. Louise Alexandra Daw

    Hi anne, please reply to me if you still ahve the pampletss. thanks. ldaw@sympatico.ca
    I’m interested in an other books, videos etc of Ed Allen.

  91. I watched Ed Allen in 1964. I had a big baby and when I came home I was about 6 or 8 lbs more than I was when I was at regular weight. When my baby was about 3 weeks old I started to exercising and within 3 weeks I had lost the weight back to my regular weight. I got back in shape shortly and had less than a 20 inch waist. His exercises were really easy to do and I really liked them. I never broke a sweat and I was really grateful to this guy. I got a chance to order his exercise’s on paper. There were I think at least 12 different sets. I still have some of them. I was hoping that I might could find new ones. These have his picture on them. They really were good exercises. C. Dean

  92. Was cleaning up my dresser drawer and found an old photo of Ed Allen and myself when I worked for him at the Ed Allen Figure Workshop in Scarborough in the early 1980’s. After reading the blogs I felt that I needed to share my experience with him. I always had a wonderful working relationship with him, he really did not have much to do with running the clubs but came to visit the ladies at the facility one Christmas and I asked him if he would dress up as Santa to suprise them, he did (minus the beard) and the ladies were beyond thrilled to meet him that day. That’s my memory of Mr Ed Allen.

  93. A guy from Oakville


    It has been an interesting read – I lived in Oakville during the period of the 80s that Ed Allen had lived there – and indeed can confirm that he did live in Condos just off of 6th line (near Trafalgar) as I would see him walking his dog on occasion (or was it the late 70s). Since my memories are hazy at the best of times, the dates would not be confirmed though I think it was during my high school years. I went to White Oaks high school, and it got me thinking, if Dawn went to White Oaks – I might have known her and also, she might be listed in our year books. Now, if they actually were making the money some of the articles listed, she might have went to Oakville Trafalgar as it was a school with many rich kids.

    Can’t find her in our yearbooks (a very unofficial survey) – so maybe she went to OT (or was much younger than me at the time).

    One thing out of all of the comments that struck me as interesting was the fact that someone mentioned that for someone who was famous and may have liked to mention his fame and importance (if indeed that was true) – he did strike me as someone who didn’t want to be recognized as I remember always looking up at him and thinking, “don’t I know him?” – and then having him look at me then away and hurry along with the dog. That was the impression I had of him that seemed to stick for all of those years. My mom had told me they lived in the Condos near our house as she had known someone that sold them that place. At the time, I don’t remember the condos as being anything posh or luxury like, in fact it looked like any of the concrete apartments in the area.

    Sorry I couldn’t have been more help Wayne.

    Thanks for the memories everybody!

  94. If you look fast, you can just catch Ed Allen at the beginning of this clip:

    I’m amazed by how little there is out there on the web about Ed. Your post is pretty much all there is. Thanks for putting this up.

  95. I can remember that my mother made me exercise with her to Ed Allen’s show. I don’t remember much else about him.

  96. Hi. I also worked for Ed and Kay Allen after they relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for several years. They opened their first Health Club at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (Designed and managed by Kay with the help of a talented young man named James Karr.) I worked as one of the exercise instructors there in the late 1960’s while I was also attending college. Kay had decorated the club in a beautiful avante-garde style and she was a lovely lady to work for. I always remember her scent, she wore Emeraude perfume. We hardly ever saw Ed, he was not around very much, spent a lot of time back in Michigan. He didn’t even show up at the employee Christmas party at their beautiful suburban home. Kay always seemed very lonely to me. I have very fond memories of her. I did locate a couple of old publicity photos of Ed Allen on Google. There is an album cover of the 33 and 1/3 LP “Ed Allen Time” shown on the Rcordo Obscura website. There is also a publicity still of Ed in one of his famous jumpsuits at file:///Users/cheri/Pictures/Photo%20of%20Ed%20Allen.webarchive
    Hope that info is of interest to you.

  97. Ed Allen had a health club in Wauwatosa, WI in the late 60’s, early 70’s. I was one of the exercise instructors and still do some of the same exercises. I enjoyed that job and still work out. I was happy to hear he is still around. Thanks.

  98. Lynette Wagner-Mills

    I exercised along with Ed Allen in the 70’s and 80’s when I was at home with my young children. I liked his program because I was able to do most of the exercises. Just this morning, I did a few exercises that I remembered from his shows. It made me feel good to get moving again. I would be very interested in finding copies of his programs. So Ed if you are reading this and have the rights to your shows, you should get them out to us. You do have a lot of people who would buy them. 🙂

  99. I worked for Barbie Allen Dancersize in the 80’s. I have such fond memories of it all. The routines, the mall demo’s. I had afternoon classes at the Civic Center in Brampton, Evening classes at Howden Rec. in Brampton. I also worked with a partner named Linda. These were very happy years and I alway wondered what ever happened to the style. Because the routines were memorized, we learned an actual exercise dance; the steps called out 4 beats before the position change. Today, its just an arobic class with music and the instructors call out changes and turns on a dime. I’ve been very disappointed in any class I’ve taken. I still have some of my tapes, my record album – where Linda was fortunate enough to be on it with her sister Bev. I myself was supposed to be on it too, but had another engagement when the photo shoot was taken for it. These are all wonderful memories that I treasure and occassionally like today, I google Barbie Allen in hopes that she or someone has started an over 50 dancercise group. For all with the same great memories of teaching these routines, Bless you. Penny

  100. Thanks again for all the comments on this post. There’s been an increase in visitors with the passing of Jack LaLanne, another exercise guru who won’t soon be forgotten. It’s so interesting to read about all the memories you have shared here and what Ed Allen and his programs meant to you personally. Keep it coming!

    Cheers, Geraldine

    PS: I have a new review blog you might also be interested in at:


  101. Wow, I am like so many other people here,and found this site searching for information on Ed Allen while on a trip down memory lane. I was a young child when the show was airing,but I remember how fun it was to watch with my family. The show was upbeat ,with beautiful outdoor weather. Barbie Allen was pretty ,always bubbly and perky ,and nice for a young boy to watch( LOL ) and Ed Allen had a really great voice that was easy to listen too.
    I think a DVD series of the Ed Allen show would sell very well.( I would definitely buy it). and I would be willing to bet a reissue of his books and records would also be well received.Everyone seems to have enjoyed the show,I am really surprised there are no websites devoted to it.

  102. I was talking to some ladies at my office, asking if any of them remembered a guy that did an exercise show that started out . . . from Paradise Island in the Bahamas . . . and the guy had big dimples and did an exercise show on the beach. I could not remember any name and they all were very inquisitive and found the name Ed Allen for me. I exercised to his shows in the mid-80’s when I lived in Florida. The song on the UTube clip is the same music I remember, so Ed Allen must be the guy. I would love to have some of his old workouts.

  103. I remember well watching the TV shows as a child living in Toronto. My grandmother would grab the books and chairs to do the exercises. I always thought that the location on the beach was the most beautiful thing ever ( which turns out is Montego Bay, Jamaica ) .
    Ed’s TV fitness concept was duplicated later by other people like Gilad Janklowicz ( http://www.bodiesinmotionwithgilad.com/ ).
    For those of you looking for something by Ed, here are some exercise routines and a recorded audio…enjoy and be well (he would have wanted that)!

  104. Exercised with Ed Allen’s show on N.Z. television in the 1980s when my children were small. It was a very enjoyable, relaxing way to get fit while his litttle chats kept our minds off all the effort we were putting in. I too would like to find out if there is any chance of these exercise shows being repeated. Thanks to him I’m still keen on keeping fit!

  105. I do remember seeing Ed Allen on TV when I was a kid. It’s so interesting to read all these comments and to hear about the memories people have about this show and Ed Allen. I wonder where he is now?

  106. Here’s an update about the internet and in particular visitors to this post:


    I hope readers will continue to keep us posted. Thanks again for your visits and comments. G

  107. I was also came across this site looking for DVD’s of Ed Allen’s show and got and eyeful. I used to watch Ed Mon. thru Fri. early in the morning and at lunch and would do his exercises. This was the summer of 1981in Maryland, and I lost about 30lbs that summer. I liked his exercises because you weren’t jumping all around, and getting worn out. It’s a shame he’s not on now, with all the cable channels there are you would think you could find him somewhere.

  108. I am responding to Laura and Barbs blog.
    I too was a Dancersize Instructor working for Barbie and Ed Allen in the Brampton Location.
    What wonderful years to look back on.

  109. Hello

    As I read all these comments , I have a feeling that Ed, Barbie or a family member is keeping track of this blog. I’d like to make suggestion. I am sure you have all the footage of the shows, and it might be interesting for a TV station to run these old shows at a quiet time. Meaning at a time where they really have nothing. There may be even more old fans that would like this show and I am sure there will be new fans as well.

    As for me ,,, I remember getting up and just watching the first few times. Slowly I started to do the exercises. They were easy but they made a difference in my life. I wish I could remember them now ,,, I remember I few. I still won’t do them without you Ed even a taped show would be great. Think about how many times some of us have watched programs over and over, at least with your program more people would be keeping fit.

    Where ever you are Mr Ed Allen I wish the best to you and your family.


  110. I woke up this morning with the Ed Allen Show on my mind… after the birth of our daughter that was the best exercise show around. I remember so clearly standing in front of the TV, doing oblique bends with glorious Montego Bay in the background… good memories!

  111. hi all, this is Ed Allen.
    hope you’re all exercising every day.

    i’m back!!!!

  112. Big HELLO everyone!! I too was a DANCERCISE instructor. Beverley here. I was one of the originals with Barb, Karen, Joanne, Laurie, then my sister Lynda… totally AMAZING time in my life. I had to step back when pregnant with my 4th child, who btw is turning “30” tomorrow. Those days were actually THE BEST years in my life !!!! I’ve posted on fb, hey where are all you Barbie Allen Dancercise Girls!!!! Hope everyone’s well, sweet memories!!

  113. Beverley, I can’t believe it. Your sister Lynda and I were the orginals as well and we were partners at Howden Rec. doing DANCERCISE. I’m sure you remember me, I’m Penny!!!! So glad to see your name pop up. I agree, those were the best years of my life too. Sending many hugs to you and your sister. Please give Lynda my e-mail if you can.
    Bless you all.

  114. when i was young i use to watch ed allen cause his exercise was great trim my tummy an made me healthy….but anyways i would love to know were u can find his videos i would love to get back into shape as i had an stroke an need to get back to shape if u can help please leave message for me

  115. I too used to be a Barbie Allen Dancercise leader. All I can say is that it was very hard work and all the routines had to be learned to a tee in order to be able to keep your self employed post as an exercise leader. I remember being in the best shape of my life doing three back to back classes. I believe Barbie Allen was the first dancercise system and she was very cutting edge! I am glad to have been part of it. Sharon

  116. I was born in 71′ and I used to watch the New Ed Allen show on the telly, he was always on some fantastic beach using common everyday items as exercise weights, like books…my memories a little sketchy though, I’ve often search for his shows over the years on the internet, torrent , usenet, nothing…….one day.

  117. Thanks for your continued visits and interest in this post. It really has been fun reading about all your memories and the many people who mentioned working for Ed Allen too. 🙂

  118. I would love to get hold of DVDs of his shows, are there any available?

  119. i too was reminicing about some exercise guru named Allen, then this morning remembered the name Ed. i promised my girlfriend who had vague recollections that i would google it to get it right. so here i am, after reading all these blogs, i am interested in both the positive and negative experience, as we all have snapshots of our life we arnt proud of, and others we are. I agree that if you are successful the truth will shine, Bragging about it is a turn off. I had a article in a news paper written about me and one person had positive stuff, and backed my story, the other lied. The newsfeed on the internet, had a lot of negative comments about me, some real stupid ignorant people out there. So, keep it back to exercise and what ever happened to Ed Allen, thats the topic. I wish people would have done the same on my article and blog response. Keep it to exercise. o.k some bad experiences at work, some good. A celebrity can’t be every where all the time. no point holding grudges. I too have had good marriages and bad. etc. Right now I hope that Ed is doing the right thing in his life. I am curious too as what ever happened to Ed. So now we know about his past in bits and pieces. Now with respect to his privacy, is he alive, is he exercising, is he in good shape, we can’t be in good shape all of our life with out a few up and down lbs. I am soon to be 50, exercised with the t.v. oh yes jumping jacks. So ED what are you doing in your elderly years? I think on the history channel some old exercise shows should be shown. wouldnt it be great to be doing some of them at a slow pace for the seniors in homes or us that turned back to being couch potatoes? either way, time to get back to Ed Allen, glad i found this site, with others that have inquiring minds. signing off is aunt muffy in Manitoba Canada

  120. I remember watching the show in the early 70’s. Totally disconnected working class kids watching (black and white) exercise vids set in an exotic environment. I remember I was in a bleak and very grim terraced house in the North of industrial England. Completely abstract but it speaks to my childhood and echoes of my Grandmother’s sentiment ring in my ears : “that bloke gets up my back” (Yorkshire expression for : she didn’t like him) but I remember it with fond memories.

  121. Hi,

    I was around 15 or so (a young lad) when I saw the Ed Allen Show on CKWS TV in Kingston Ontario Canada. I remember waking up early (every weekday morning) in the summer and laughing as Ed egged on the older women watching and told them to go get a couple of cans of tomato juice because right after the commercial, you’ll need them. Of course I would start rummaging around in the canned goods until I could find something useful. I really enjoyed it and this blog. I was able to pull just a little clip off of Youtube… here’s the link but you have to be quick… Good Times. Enjoy…

    It’s the very end sequence of the Ed Allen Show. If you pause it right after it begins and drag it back to the beginning, you will see Ed himself just before he squats out of the picture. Even that brought back memories. Later…

  122. Barbie-Allen Dancercise was the best thing that happened in my life to change my fitness lifestyle for life! Loved it! I worked for Ed and Barbie at Head Office on Evans Avenue also taught the Leaders routines and of course so much fun doing Mall Demos and The CNE demos!!! I still have books, albums and cassette tapes that when listened to……I jump right back in as if it was yesterday to every move, routine!! Blessings to Ed, Barbie and all the B.A.D. Girls!!!

  123. thanks for reading my words, and i’m happy to have connected to your blog as well. i look forward to reading more – beth

  124. I remember Ed Allen. I remember that show coming on just before Dinah Shore.

  125. I know this post isn’t about Dawn, but I’m just confirming she DID go to White Oaks. She was beautiful, was my friend and I loved every stitch of clothing she ever wore. She was so classy. She dated Trevor for what seemed like forever. I was just curious if she is the one referred to as having a 1-year old child a few years back. If it is, good for her. This was a fun read. Thanks everyone!

  126. Loved it. I want more !
    Good luck =)

  127. Thanks for the like! I look forward to exploring your site more…

  128. Hi, all. I, too, enjoyed watching the show in the late 60’s. Mom would have on a black leotard and it was fun to join her. I like the idea that it was easy to follow along, you could work at your own pace, didn’t have to join a gym, and everyday items could be used to give you a good workout. I agree with the comments that some of us otherwise couch potatoes (when not at work) could use a little fun motivation and get some of those soup cans out of hiding. Re-runs sound fantastic!

    Cheers from BC

    ps. the airline I recall was BOAC. I used to think it was British Airways. Is it perhaps Bahamas?

  129. Never heard a da guy. Maybe it was Allen Ed ? Canada not US ?

  130. I have read through the years of comments on here and find it so interesting to go down memory lane. I was one of the BAD girls in 1983 or 84 and also worked in the head office for a while. I was pleased to see Laura posting on here. I remember her so well from the office and can still see her face in my mind. Sweet lady! I found Barbie and Ed to be very nice people and they were good to me. I will never forget Ed and his Taster’s Choice coffee (decaf, I think) and the McDonald’s milkshake Ed jokingly bought me for my birthday.

    I take exception to two comments I saw on here. One man said the office was a false address and that is silly because I used to see mail arriving there all the time. Another man said that he worked with Ed a few years ago and that Ed kept on talking about himself. Well, I have to say that now that I am in my 50’s and not in my prime any more I find myself thinking back a lot on my “glory days” when I was a body builder and fitness model and I can see how someone in later life might want to talk about their past achievements out of a sense of loss and a longing for the past. It would only be natural, I would think, for someone with major achievements in their past to brag a little about them in their old age in order to still feel that sense of importance. That would tug at my heart instead of making me critical of the guy!

    I would sure love to hear again from Laura and find out if I am in any of those old trade show or mall display photos. I don’t have any photos of my life back then to show my kids and it would be nice to have one. I remember doing one show with pom-poms and dancing on stage to the theme from Dallas. I also remember doing a mall display that was across from a pub where the guys were sitting there drinking their beer and staring through the window at us. So funny to think about now! I am trying so hard to remember the names of some of the BAD girls I knew back then and I can only remember Shona.

  131. Ed and Barbie used to sit at my piano bar at the Steak Knife restaurant in Miwaukee back when I was a mere 20 years old. He might be surprised to know I still remember the song he always asked me to play: “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life”. I’ve often wondered what he did with the rest of his life. If you communicate with Ed, tell him Paul says hi.

  132. I don’t remember Ed Allen but am shocked you couldn’t find his history. According to the “experts,” you can’t hide from the net. LOL Good luck with your search.

  133. I remember Ed Allen so well which is the reason for this search of some of his TV shows.
    I exercised regularly to his shows, ate healthy and lost weight. Now in my senior years I would like to exercise to some of his videos if they actually exist. He was great and I hope someone can help me out.

  134. Some more interesting comments to enjoy here, thanks so much for sharing your own memories of Ed Allen. I wonder if he has stopped by here too?

    Keep them coming and thanks again for stopping by.😀😀

  135. Hi to the ladies who either worked in Ed Allen’s Figure Workshop or Barbie Allen Dancercise – because I did both!!! Currently I am searching for any photo that shows Ed Allen’s Figure Workshop (Toronto or Scarborough) because it was an exciting time for women to have their own fitness centres with weight machines!! IF anyone has a photo of Ed Allen’s Figure Workshop – I would love a copy.

  136. i used to exercise to Eddie, he was the best!!! sure wish i could find his exercise shows on youtube!!

  137. How cool to read about Ed and Barbie Allen after all these years. I was also a Barbie Allen Dancercise instructor in the early 1980’s in Montreal (West Island). It was great fun! I was in a Zumba class this morning and it struck me how similar it is to B.A.D, I think I may still have some tapes and the workout routines somewhere – I’m going to try and dig them out.
    THanks Veggiesyarnsandtails – great site!

  138. Equipping The Saints

    Thank you for your like of my post on a “One World Religion.” You are very kind.

  139. Loved reading all the posts. I exercised after each of my children were born and thanks to the Ed Allen show I regained my slim figure each time. I just searched through my old vhs tapes and found some of the old shows I had recorded. I immediately started exercising along with the tape. I was interested to hear that Ed was an artist now. I wish him all the best.

  140. I will join the search. This is very unusual that there is nothing, save this site, about dear Ed.

  141. Hello, everyone. I’m Ed Allen’s daughter, Kris. Cheri, thank you for the kind words about my late mother, Kay Allen. It’s clear from what you wrote that you did know her, and visited our house on Mountian Drive in Brookfield. Everyone, the reason you can’t find my dad on the internet is that firstly, he is not into the whole computer thing. Doesn’t use email. And his last name is not actually Allen. Allen is his middle name (and was my mother’s maiden name, coincidentally). He used Allen professionally. I prefer to protect his privacy and let the past be the past so I won’t divulge his name here. BTW, for the Canadians on this thread, you probably saw me back in the 60’s as a little blond girl in pigtails. I taped a whole bunch of shows with him in Canada when I was maybe 6 years old. He will be 90 in December!

  142. I loved watching ed Allan in the 70s. Taped in Bermuda!! What memories lol

  143. Good stuff. I am a bloke from Aust. And yes I enjoyed Mr Allens show also. God bless. Very inspiring and innovative. Great times.

  144. Right after I graduated I watched Ed on PBS Monday – Friday 5:30 – 6:00 and Noon till 12:30 and I lost so much weight. And I actually enjoyed doing his exercises. I wish they were available on DVD.

  145. Kris thanks for letting us know about your father’s situation and request for privacy. He was a huge influence on my decision to start a career in the health and fitness industry. I own a company that consults for independent health clubs throughout Canada and the United States. Profitnessprogram.com With your permission I would love to be able to recognise your father for his tremendous contribution to this industry and have him receive a lifetime achievement award at the largest fitness expo int he world IHRSA (The International Health and Racquet Sports Association) I would also push to have a similar award presented in Canada at the Can Fit Pro show in Toronto. This award was presented to Jack Lalanne and I was there for the presentation in San Francisco and your father deserves to be recognized as a legend in the industry with these greats. Even if his age and current health prohibit him from attending it would be great if you could receive the award on his behalf.
    God bless

  146. Debbie LaPierre

    I also watched Ed Allen growing up,would love to see the television series back on the air in Canada. Ther must be some body out there with this in their archives at some television station.

  147. Hi there, very interesting reading all the comments. I worked in head office in Etobicoke/Mississauga for Ed & Barbie in the mid 80’s when Dancercise was at it’s peak – hundreds of new locations were opening across the country. I do remember Joanne (Barbie’s ‘right hand girl’) and Laura and other faces but not names. I worked on the admin side making sure all the timesheets came in and the offices across Canada had everything they needed. The lead instructors were always talking about how brutal the routines were – especially Eye of the Tiger. There was a frantic vibe always with new locations opening up, special events like the CNE and other high-profile venues. Yes, Ed was a great artist and did all the graphics and design work for the albums and posters. He could be moody as are all perfectionist task-masters but had his fun side as well. There were always ‘rumours’ of his past life in the US but nobody really talked about it much. One of my fondest memories was an office costume party, my husband and I dressed as martians and me very pregnant. I left soon after that but every once in a while my old memories of working days pops up. The last post noted Ed would have been 90. I hope he’s still with us. Yes, his surname was not Allen but, again, that was very private and everyone respected that.

  148. I have 1 Ed Allen exercise video

  149. I would love to get those videos too! Please let me know if any leads

  150. Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  151. I have been searching for Ed Allen dvd’s for years and can’t seem to get any or know anyone who can. He was a revelation and it’s true you just wanted to exercise with him. Simple exercises which my husband and I would do in our lounge room. Using cans of veges to exercise with instead of weights. He made it fun. I haven’t read all the posts but was wondering if he is still alive. Gym memberships aren’t for me and as im getting older by the minute I yearn for ed Allen time again. I’ll keep checking to see if anyone knows how to get some dvd’s. Lovely to chat. So glad I’ve found this post. X

  152. Kris Allen, if you see this again and have contact with Dawn, could you please forward my email onto her? If you go back through the posts here, you will find me and my posted email. Thank you so much.

  153. Geraldine H.

    Can anyone confirm that Ed Allen passed on in 2018? There are conflicting opinions about this online. Thanks again for all your comments on this post, very interesting to read. 😊

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