And still MORE Veggie Sites of Interest….

With the dazzling array of new sites/blogs that continue to show up online, it’s sometimes hard to decide where to spend valuable reading time and what can be left off the list of ‘must reads’ . Or perhaps, it will keep for later.

Just when I thought I was getting a bit caught up, I happened upon the 2006 Veg Webby Awards, chosen by the VegNews magazine. 

Many of these sites/blogs certainly sound like they are worthy of a look….so in case you haven’t checked out these winners, here is the link to the list of the chosen sites: 2006 Veg Webby Awards.

I haven’t had the chance to check out any yet, but hopefully will soon. If any of you have already, it would be great to know which ones and  what your opinion was. How did you personally rank the site(s)? 

5 responses

  1. Wow I’ve been bad at blogging and having blonde moments (yes I kinda had to move my blog *accidently deleted it*) Very cool I didn’t know they had Veg webbie awards. I have my blog started again – take care ~ Mandy

  2. Heh there Mandy….I am glad everything is ok! Wondered why you had disappeared from cyberspace. I tried to leave a comment on your new blog but its only allowing Blogger accts. the way its set right now.

    Take care, BFN, G

  3. G, that’s very cool. I did not know those existed. I had to visit the “Naughty Shop” right away… heh. I’m really not a “bad” girl, but it did catch my interest. I was unaware of some of these sites, so a big, big thank you for this post and calling attention to the Veg News webby winners. Your blog’s a winner in my book… but i’m biased :o) ’cause i think you are way cool!

  4. Heh Karen, Your blog is a winner too !!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

    Me and the Mitz think you and Mattie are WAY COOL too. 🙂

    Have a great day and don’t be too naughty LOL, G

  5. Oh I know how you feel-there are just so many great blogs out there, it’s hard to find the time to read them all. Blog on!

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