A Yarn Travel Tip ….

Here’s a simple but useful yarn travel tip from Lion Brand:

Take a two gallon plastic bag with a zip top and use a hole punch to make a round hole near the top or cut off one of the corners. Thread the yarn through it and viola! The yarn stays clean even if it falls on the floor. You can also use this to keep the whole project together  — needles and pattern!

Check out their latest newsletter, with more tips, patterns and a summer sale in progress at: Lions July Newsletter

PS My ( finally!!! ) finished Sally Summer Sweater has inspired me to get back to more knitting and crafts. If I could only finish The Da Vinci Code, right now it’s hard to put down…interesting book, that’s for sure. And it’s too hot to do much else here right now, “rain, rain….where are you” ????      


2 responses

  1. I need to finish reading the book. I started reading it several months ago and then became sidetracked with other projects. It was a fascinating reading.

  2. The book is much, much better than the movie. A lot more information is discussed than could be shown in the film. Of course, if you aren’t finding the book any fun then put it down. Don’t waste time on a book that is a chore.

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