“Las Vegas/Vegan”…who’d a thunk it????

As the saying goes, ‘you can’t always tell a book by it’s cover’.

That certainly seems to ( figuratively) be the case in Las Vegas.The city’s eateries and chefs in ever-increasing numbers, are apparently answering the call for more vegan-friendly fare; as a recent article from Grist Magazine explains.

If you crave vegan donuts for breakfast before hitting the casinos and other venues of interest, you are in luck (at least donut-wise). Las Vegan delivers!

Vegan lunch and supper offerings are reportedly plentiful and varied.  All certainly sounded delicious and far from what you would expect to find in ‘Sin City’.  ( I’ve always wondered what people living in Vegas thought of that reference to their home? )  But the good news… there is definitely guilt-free dining ( if not everything else ) to be enjoyed in many of Las Vegas’ eateries.

How about your adventures in Vegas? Any foodie stories to share, good and/or bad?

Read the complete ( and I would say encouraging ) article at: 

Viva Las Vegan

Have a great weekend.   🙂


6 responses

  1. Ooooh, I’ve never been to Las Vegas but I’d go for the doughnuts!! This is GREAT!!!

  2. Ugh, i know i’m a curmudgeon with this post, but i loathe Las Vegas – it is surely the antithesis to everything i feel, think, believe in and enjoy. There are some good places there… i am sure of it. I’ve been there about 5 times, but it’s just not for me! Interesting post though, G.

    And if you can/want, check out Richard’s blog about LV:


  3. Funny two of my coworkers are in LV this weekend.
    I haven’t been in YEARS, it’s so HOT there and I’m not big on gambling. I’m thinking I should make another trip out there soon. This Las Vegan thing only makes me want to go more. 🙂


  4. email friend Elaine

    Hi, we have been to LV didn’t know about the las vegan thing. Will make a note of it for next time. We enjoy lights and spectacular shows they have. Might be awhile before we go again, things are expensive there, but good food is a must. Thanks again.

  5. I’ve been there twice with my husband, who loves Las Vegas because he grew up in Bakersfield, CA and his family used to drive to LV. It reminds him of home on the west coast. We went there a year ago and saw Tom Jones perform at the MGM Grand (he so rocked) and we ate at our favorite restaurant there, Olives, which is inside the Bellagio hotel. It is a Todd English restaurant and it is absolutely fabulous. I love the pumpkin ravioli with sage/brown butter sauce. Ummmmmm.

  6. Hi Tasha, Sounds like a plan….yummm donuts, and vegan at that!

    Hi Karen, You are certainly not alone, lots of people loathe Vegas and for many reasons. We haven’t been there so I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. I would have loved to have gone when stars like Elvis and Frankie were still around but I guess Im too late now!! Thanks for the link too, will check it out.

    Hi Teddy, Yeah, the vegan options certainly add to the appeal don’t they?

    Hi Elaine, I don’t know anyone who travels more than you and your husband do….wow, must be great.

    Hi Kim, Sounds fabulous!!! Ive seen Tom Jones perform (we had front row seats) when he was quite a bit younger and he was absolutely riveting. Put on a great show. Wonder how he looks now, I think he had some health problems, always rebounds though. The meal sounded yummmmmmmmm…..my kind of dinner.

    Thanks to you all for stopping by, G

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