Have a Beautiful Day….

Live your life……

On your own terms.

To the rhythm of your heart.

And the beat of your own drum.


 Photo credit: FLickr.  Point Montara, originally uploaded by wmchu.


9 responses

  1. G, that is lovely in every way possible. Thank you for sharing the photo and thought/poem…

  2. This is a lovely start to the day.

  3. First site I clicked on today…what a nice way to kick off 24 hours. You have a beautiful day as well!

  4. Beautiful pic & poem. I’ve visited there before, it’s just as lovely in person.

  5. Hello Karen, Dawn, Caroline, Annie and Mia, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the photo and my thought for the day….

    Huggs, G

    PS Caroline, what state is this lighthouse in? I couldn’t find that info. with the photo. I love lighthouses, have been up to the top in 3 of them to date. Too bad so many of the old ones are disappearing. What beauty and history!

  6. Hi G., it’s in California, little south of San Francisco, lived about an hour away from there for a couple of years.

  7. email friend Elaine

    Hi there, the picture is just a sight to behold.
    The poem of course comes right from your soul.
    Keep them coming they give people things to think about.
    Have a truly wonderful day.

  8. Thanks for the update Caroline. Wow, lucky you to have lived so close. I absolutely love lighthouses and all the history connected to them too. Imagine having lived in one!

    As usual Elaine, your words are so kind and complimentary, thanks so much and for stopping by.

    BFN, G

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