Save a Tree Today….

   As I have said many times before, I truly believe the seemingly small choices we make every day, can and do have a big impact on how the world is evolving and what we are leaving behind, for many generations to come.

I noted an interesting article in the April issue of Vegetarian Times re: household paper products and how these purchases impact the environment. 

 For example: If you were to replace one box of regular facial tissues with a box of 100% recycled ones X by every household in America= 163,000 trees would be saved! Is that not a staggering and amazing statistic and of course, just one example of how our choices make such a difference, collectively.

The Natural Resource Defense Council is offering a handy list of which brands of paper products (household) are better for the environment, in addition to other useful green tips. Also the opportunity to send a message to the paper ‘giant’ Kimberly-Clark, to voice your opinion/opposition re: their use of virgin wood for throw-away paper products.

For more information and to download the list (pdf. file) visit:

Save a tree today, it’s worth it! 

Photo credit: – The National Arbor Day Foundation 


8 responses

  1. So true! It isn’t the go-live-in-a-yert-made-of-dryer-lint things that changes the world, it is the “small” things that add up.

    Great points!


  2. Thanks for posting this.

    I used cloth wipes for my daughter. I bring my own cloth bags to the market. I try to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

    Heather is correct the small things do add up.

  3. Geraldine, thank for this post–very informative! Last year, I switched from paper napkins to cloth ones. The old fashioned way of blowing one’s nose–handkerchiefs–has always seemed gross to me but maybe that’s the next step?!?!

  4. Thank you for this!! I still debate if I am saving one thing and overusing another but I am trying to do what I can. I am definitely making steps. They are baby steps but at least I’m moving. 🙂

  5. I’m all about this too! I bought a BIG pack of cloths that I use for spills around the kitchen and such. I try not to even buy paper towels. But when I’m sick, I still use kleenex- Gotta work on that one.

    I’m hoooommeee! YAY 🙂

    Thanks for comming by while I was gone and I LOVE the Mitz post


  6. GREAT reminder about everyone doing her/his share to help save the Earth. Thank you, G, for the post. Love it!

  7. Excellent point. We don’t have to give up the mod. cons. we’ve come to depend upon. We simply need to be a bit more thoughtful in our use of natural resources. Trees rule!!!

  8. Hi Heather,I totally agree. Small decisionsmultiplied by many people.
    do add up to big results.

    Hi Opal, You show a real concern for the environment in so many of your posts and the decisions you’ve talked about. Thanks for sharing these, with all of us, inspiring!

    Hi Caroline, I love cloth napkins too, Ive made quite a few over the years, out of remnants of fabric (more recycling!) The tissues, well Im not ready for fabric hankies but I guess the 100% recycled kind is another good option, more sanitary too, than cloth (yuck!!!)

    Hi Tasha, I think it also comes down to looking at what we REALLY do need to use, in our modern lives. When I see ads for air fresheners, fabric softeners etc…I see pollution and waste. I can’t actually believe that aerosol air sprays are still allowed to be sold, big time bad news!

    Hi Teddy, Im glad you are home too, missed you!!! The kleenex, well I can’t imagine not having these either, but 100% recycled shouldnt be too hard to find. Hope they aren’t too scratchy LOL….

    Hi Karen, I liked this article because it really highlighted how one simple action can have such a big impact. As long as lots of people are on board, right!

    Hi Annie, I love trees too. It is so sad to think that many of them are cut down all in the name of consumer convenience and not real need.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by. Hope you will hug a tree today. Huggs to you too! G 🙂

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