My Sally Summer Sweater….finally!


Well, it’s finally a ‘done deal’ . I must be the slowest knitter in cyberspace but if the end results are good, that’s what counts, right?

My Sally Summer Sweater, after many a delay, is finally finished and ready to wear. I really, really like it….the mauve colored cotton, yummm….one of my absolute, all-time fav colors and one that suits me too. Not the world’s greatest photo, but as my own worst critic, I must admit, the ‘real’ thing is a beautiful thing!!!!!

Now, if I can just get those pants made before the snow flies…..LOL. Here’s the linen fabric I’m planning to use for the capri pants, what do you think? Exact match with the Grace cotton.

I’ll include my previous ‘Sally’ post, in case you missed it the first time: My adventures with Sally Part 1

In spite of my reservations about Ms. M’s knitting books and patterns,  I am pleased with my S.S.S. I did do a bit of personal ‘tweaking’ but nothing major. 

I really love checking out craft/knit/crochet projects on the blogs, now I get to share one too. 🙂


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  1. email friend Elaine

    I just love the sweater, it looks like it would be really comfortable. I think the material for the capri pants goes with it just perfectly. Is that a word, I wonder, anyway you know what I mean.

  2. Excellent work! And it is in the “color of the month” from project spectrum!

    Sweaters are big projects, I think that is why you see so many sock projects out there in blog-land.


  3. And a stunning summer sweater it is! Trust me when I tell you that you have some competition for the title of “slowest knitter.” There are kids on my list who will be getting their baby sweaters as high school graduation gifts…

  4. Geraldine, your sweater is beautiful! I love it! And I think the fabric goes very well with it.

    I looked at that book a few days ago and almost got it. I wasn’t sure about all the asymmetrical stuff like you wrote about in your other post. So I got something else. 🙂

  5. That is truly beautiful and that happens to be one of my favorite colors! 🙂

  6. Wow, G, that is so lovely. What a great, summery look and a gorgeous colour. I don’t knit or sew at all… so imagine how long it would take *ME* to do something so wonderful as what you did!! You slow? I don’t think so! Nice work!!! Just beautiful.

  7. Hi Elaine, Thanks for the compliment! Yes, the fabric really does go with this sweater, I was lucky to have it in my fabric ‘stash’, ready to use.

    Hi Heather, Yes, I did note the color was the one for this month’s color spectrum, on a couple of other blogs. Thanks for making me feel better, and not so slow with the knitting. This was a LOT of knitting, that’s for sure.

    Hi Annie, Thanks to you too, for making me feel better about my lack of speed. Any time someone receives a handmade gift, they should be grateful, I know I am. Those sweaters you are making will just have to stretch a lot LOL…

    Hi Beth, Thanks to you and I’m glad you like the fabric too. Im crazy about linen so that’s an added bonus. You are certainly in the ‘speedy knitter’ category, from what Ive seen on your blog…just amazing how many projects you complete, and in short order!!!

    Hi VM, Glad you like the sweater. Im actually considering making another one in a ‘peppermint’ pink (also from my stash) but it will be a while…LOL

    Hi K, You are too kind!!! Hope you will give knitting and/or crochet a try some day soon. You will love it. Be forwarned though, can be very addictive too. I never get tired of either.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by, G 🙂

  8. Your sweater is beautiful and I love the color!!

  9. It’s gorgeous. I was wondering if the real sweater lives up to the picture in the book.

  10. Hi Tasha, Thanks, it is a great color, one of my absolute favs. Its been too hot to wear the sweater though.

    Hi D, The photo isnt great but the finished sweater is. I was VERY happy with the results. Do you have this book? Have you made anything from it yet? If I recall correctly from a previous comment, you had, may be someone else though….

    Cheers, G 🙂

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