The Mitz: Blog of the Week…Prince Willy’s

   Wow, I think I’m in love!!!!!

Meowmie told me to find a good cat-blog to share with all of you, as she finally, grudgingly admitted that its MY TURN TO POST!!!

After pushing her, (grunt, snort….heave ho) gently but firmly off the desk chair (wow, my back hurts, get some exercise Meowmie)  I happily pawed my way through Google search after search. Alternating (natch…) with handfuls of kibble to keep up my strength (especially after that chair ‘episode’).

Finally to find, the ONE!

William of Mass Destruction…my fur is still standing on end, just thinking of those eyes, that silky black coat,  the witty and wonderful posts, pawed by the oh so yummy William, I can almost hear his masculine purrrrrrrr….sighhhhhh.

Humans, find thy kitty and prepare them (especially the girls) for a real, cyberspace treat. And one I might add, that doesn’t involve yarn for a change!!!

So, without further catdieu, get ready to drool….I won’t keep you in catspense any longer.

Check out the fab. Prince Willy at: William of Mass Destruction

Ok, so he’s not REALLY a Prince, he is to me!!! Let’s not split hairs or furballs on this one, ok???? 

Gotta go… off to the water bowl, chill time ….is it hot in here????

Chow for now, the Mitz

Paw Script:  Yes, we are aware that it’s not the beginning of the week. Meowmie’s been a bit frazzled; yeah, like that’s news, snort….

7 responses

  1. email friend Elaine

    Hi Mitzi, Boo here. I checked out your Prince, he is definately delicious.
    Good taste.
    Thanks for bringing his site to my attention.
    Take care now/

  2. just a hilarious hilarious cat blog. Love the voice of William. (Not that we don’t also love your voice Mitzi!!) Thanks for sharing.

  3. You’re so right….what a hunk!
    headbonks backacha!
    The Meezer

  4. Thanks to The Mitz! We will overthrow the human and begin web-surfing right after our nap.

    Persephone and Desdemona

  5. Oh, what a love note! You are a very pretty girl and I’m so glad you visited me. I’d give you a kissie if you were closer. :::blush:::

  6. Meowza! Cute kitty!!

  7. Dear Humans and Feline Friends, Thanks to all of you for stopping by, especially you Willy…..sigh!Is it hot in here????

    What do you think Boo, Meezer, Persephone and Desdemona, isn’t he DREAMY!!! What about your kitties oh Caroline, did they check out the fair Willy too ???

    Headbonks to all…The Mitz

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