Book Review: Herbal Gifts

  I like, LOVE books…  And, all kinds of books. Fiction: (except for those trashy romance novels) and non-fiction: especially biographies.

Joe and I also have a vast collection of reference books. How-to’s, healing, spirituality, cookbooks of course, gardening, wine-making and more, more, MORE!! Richard Burton once made the comment that his only real love in life (or extravagance), besides Liz of course, was books, so I guess I’m in good company. Wasn’t he yummy, sigh!!!!

Back to the books…Those on herbs and spices are certainly a part of the reference collection and not just the ones pertaining to all things cooking. I’ve always been fascinated by the many, many uses for herbs: remedies, soaps, tinctures, dried flowers arrangements, sachets, wreaths, etc…

I received this book, Herbal Gifts,  a couple of years ago, as a gift. Today, with a few minutes to spare, I happened to pick it from one of the ( too many) ‘loaded to the max’ bookshelves we have. The basement boxes (well that’s another 1000 or so, now in storage).

Again, I digress…. This is a gorgeous book and runs the gamut of all things herbal, in particular how to ‘dress-em-up’ and give them as one of a kind, treasured gifts. Some of the projects featured: A Bay Leaf Tree, Herb Bubble Bath Gel, a very yummy sounding Herb Jelly, Poppyseed Cheese Straws, Rosemary, Lavender,Sage Foot Cream (I could use that right now) and many, many more…

I checked for this book on Amazon first, where a cover photo was NOT shown. This book is available from their used booksellers though, many of them offering nearly new copies for less than a $1.  Wow….This is a bargain, even if for just a ‘coffee table’ book, to enjoy. I’m sure though, now I’ve had a good browse of this lovely book, I will be using and enjoying it for many years to come.

Anyone out there who has this book? Or if you’d just like to comment on your own experiences, creating with herbs, that would be great.  🙂  The Amazon link: Herbal Gifts


4 responses

  1. looks like an interesting book, Hooray for Amazon & $1 books! 🙂

  2. Gotta check it out. Herbal gifts would no doubt be fun to make, to get and to receive.

  3. I used to enjoy making potpourri, sachets, etc. Haven’t done that in a while, though. Today at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, we toured the herb garden and they had plants used for dyes. That’s something I’d like to try on some yarn. 🙂

  4. email friend Elaine

    Hi, you sure give out good info. The book would be lovely for a coffee table book. One to pick up now and again.
    Thanks again

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