Monday, Monday… update

Well, it was ‘back to class’ Monday and I must say, after not having been in a classroom setting for many moons, it was a long day. Reflexology training is proving to be a lot to learn and I am enjoying it so far. It’s going to be a busy week and then lots of practical work to follow, exams etc…I just may be asking for your help soon Jamie, thanks for offering. Also planning to take a nail care course in the near future, a natural for an add-on, I think.

On the knitting front, I FINALLY got my cotton lilac, S.S.S. aka Sally’s Summer Sweater sewn up on the weekend. It looks good but it still needs a bit of a press and then it will be ready to be shared in a photo. I must be the world’s slowest knitter but it’s great when a project is finally a done deal. Lots of knitting on this one but hopefully will be a sweater to enjoy for many summers to come.

Trying out a Mo’time blog for my new blogging venture. Any one out there with some feedback/background with this company?. It’s all free and had the features I needed, except for one ( no importing archives, rats ). Now, if I can only get that photo header worked out, I’m ready for launch…. Help Zee!!!!

And finally, as I wait for the stats counter to click over to the big 10,000 I just want to say a sincere and heartfelt, “thank you” to all my blogging-friends.

I have been amazed what this past (approx.) 4 months of blogging has added to my life. Originally, I didn’t expect too much. It was only as a result of a suggestion of a friend in online advertising that I even gave blogging a try. She said I’d be a ‘natural ‘ as a blogger. I don’t know about that but I do know that I really, really love to create posts, to visit so many interesting blogs (when time permits, daily) and most of all, to enjoy the blessing of ‘meeting’ so many terrific, talented and diverse new friends online. Your support and kindness has been wonderful. 

Huggs to all of you and BFN, G 🙂


11 responses

  1. Congrats!You’ve built/maintained a very interesting and diverse blog, hence the traffic!

    Can’t wait to see the sweater!


  2. You ARE a natural! It’s been great getting to know you.

  3. Hi G., I’m finally back. I can see I have a lot of interesting VYT posts to catch up on and all your emails too….I’ll be in touch soon!

  4. oh, BTW congrats on starting up the reflexology classes, looking forward to hearing how it’s going.

  5. aw I feel the same as you do about blogging.. I don’t know how but it’s SO FUN. I feel a bit like a mega nerd but I don’t care.
    Oh and I’m a slower knitter than you.. I mean I don’t even knit so if it was a contest, you would win. HANDS DOWN 🙂


  6. Congrats on the BIG NUMBER! Good for you. I am so happy to be a part of your readership, G. I enjoy your blog every day! Hope all the schooling goes smoothly for you in all aspects!

  7. Congratulations on ALL of your endeavors. Your blog is wonderful and so are you! I appreciate your kind words, cheers and visits to my spot. 🙂

  8. I’m glad you’re enjoying your classes. Unlike you I’m proving to be not so good at blogging lately. Trying to get some alone time with the pc is hard with 2 kids breathing down my neck…”Are you done yet?? Can we play yet Mom?? LOL

  9. Let me know about the header, Ger! LOL! It looks good. 🙂

  10. WOW!! 10,000 in four months? Did I read that correctly?! Congratulations on your fabulous blog!

  11. Hi Heather, Thanks for the compliment. Sweater to follow..LOL

    Hi Beth, Thanks so much and glad I got to know you too.

    Hi C, Glad you are home safe and sound. Hope you will comment again, as time permits. Your inbox must be a disaster area. LOL

    Hi Teddy, I am proud to be a blog-nerd, just like you. You must join the knitters though…you will love it!

    Hi K, Thanks for the kind words. Of course I stop by Pisces…every day too!

    Hi Tasha, You are so nice. Huggs to you, hope you are having a better day, Im glad Ive helped, even if only in a small way.

    Hi Mandy, I look forward to a new post soon…I checked again tonight. Tell those young-un’s to leave mom alone, you need blog-time!!!

    Hi Z, Email on the way, if you weren’t so smart, I wouldn’t send so many ???’s LOL

    Hi Pooch (LOVE that name…chill Mitzi!!) Yes, that is the correct number,Im quite happy with it too! The first few weeks were pretty bleak believe me, I was happy to get 10 visitors a day then. It’s all about visiting my blog-buddies and them returning the favor, much appreciated.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by.
    Huggs, Geraldine 🙂

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