Recipe: Banana Walnut Muffins

Many thanks to Tania, over at The Candied Quince ( a daily stop on my blog-route ) for featuring another recipe from my cookbook, Not Just for Vegetarians.

I've been on a 'banana kick' lately so it was nice to read that she had tried and enjoyed my recipe for Banana Walnut muffins.

Check out the recipe and post at: Banana Walnut Muffins. 🙂

3 responses

  1. Hello Geraldine, Thanks for visitng my site. Your recipe for banana walnut muffins on Tania’s blog looked so apetising.

    Yes bananas are almost worth their weight in gold here in Australia because of a recent cyclone in northern queensland that wiped out about 70% of the banana plantations. Hence the huge rise in prices.

  2. woohoo a new blog to look at
    i’m heading over now 🙂


  3. Bananas are my favorite fruit!! The little yellow guy in a jacket. He’s perfect!

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