Site of the Week: Stanley House, Nelson, BC

This is a special Site of the Week for me…. on an emotional level.

This gorgeous heritage house in Nelson BC, now a beautifully refurbished bed and breakfast, was once my dear mom's home!  Before it was Stanley House it was known as the CPR House.  As a executive superintendent with the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) my grandfather Leo and family were stationed there (I'm guessing late 1920's- early 30's).

I can only imagine living in this grand house!!! I have been told that there are many vintage photos that have been found in the house, of previous residents and from many years ago. Perhaps my mom is pictured, as a young school girl. I look forward to checking out the interior of the house, the photos, the antiques and hopefully in the near future.

I only found out about the Stanley/CPR house in the last couple of years. I wasn't aware before that, of all the restoration that had been done or the actual location of the house (only a block from downtown Nelson). But since I have, since I have stood in wonder to gaze at the gorgeous house (only had minutes to spare at the time with a plane to catch) one of my dreams has been to own it and to live in it, happily ever after….

I am drawn to this house and living there already feels like the right thing, strange but true. Now, if only the lotto would come in and of course the owners would have to want to sell too. Minor details, right ? LOL…. You would all be welcome BTW, to stop by for tea and a tour ! πŸ™‚

Enjoy the links, the story of Stanley House and the gorgeous photos. And if any of you are heading to the Kootenay area of interior BC, I highly recommend checking out Nelson and stopping in for a stay at this beautiful B and B.

Check it out at: Stanley House

More information re: Nelson, BC


16 responses

  1. The house is gorgeous! Once you win the lotto I’ll be sure to stop by for sun tea and a tour. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh, that’s so cool! And wow, what a beautiful house.

  3. How fabulous and exciting!! What history!!

  4. Great story! Save room for me and Curt! πŸ™‚

  5. email friend Elaine

    The house is just beautiful, just imagine what your mom would think to know how the house has been looked after all these years and how you feel about it. Good luck on the lotto.

  6. aww that is so nice!
    what a beautiful place to grow up in.



  7. Dear Opal, I agree, the house IS gorgeous. I will look forward to you stopping by for a Visit, I mean how far-fetched can it be, winning a lotto??? I really think you would love Nelson too, a special city of 10,000 kind souls!Well maybe not EVERY one is kind, but Ive already met lots of great people there…the pride in their city is so amazing too!

    Dear Carrie and Tasha, I agree and yes, the history (especially the personal part) makes it extra special.

    Dear Caroline, Glad you enjoyed the post. Of course you and Curt would be most welcome, you’ve already invited us to the S and P ….won’t forget that invite either. πŸ™‚

    Dear Elaine, You know I think my mom actually can remember the house, at least a bit, when I have shown her photos, she is interested and her long-term memory at times is amazing, all things considered.

    Dear Teddy and Beth, The reality is even better, it just blew me away, seeing this house. Thanks for stopping by…

    BFN, G πŸ™‚

  8. that is so cool, what a beautiful house!!

  9. What a lovely house~! Great post, Geraldine.

  10. Geraldine – what a WONDERFUL house and history as well… I wish you much luck in winning the lotto!

    Please let us know when you do because I want to be 1st in line for tea and a tour!

  11. Gorgeous!! STUNNING. And sweet post. Love that remembrance for you…

  12. Dear Ger – I truly believe that Love Lives On!
    Perhaps the endearment you feel towards your mother’s former home makes it yours already! I hope your next trip to Nelson, the centre of your heart, allows you to meet the present B & B owners, and find some family photographs and other memorabilia that rekindles details of days gone by that would be precious gems for your soul today. Such memories would truly be treasures of the heart.
    Keep well and happy … and enjoying Blogland :))
    Hope to visit again soon.
    Huggz, your friend,

  13. Oh Ger thanks for the memories..yours and mine.
    I spent many a summer in Nelson playing on the Kootney river. My grandmother’s best bud had a house there.

    As for your mom’s home…Awesome!
    I am a firm believer that we are often drawn to our ancestors happy memories. Genealogy and family history…nothing better πŸ™‚

  14. How cool! it is always nice to see good things preserved and taken care of, now about that lottery…

  15. Hi Mandy and Rorie, Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by…

    Hi Jennifer, Will certainly let you know when tea is being served on the porch! Also, when the lotto-ship comes in….

    Hi K (your first name would be great to know!) thanks for the compliment and for another visit to Veggies…

    Hi Kath, You know how much Nelson and this house means to me.Thanks for your kind words. I have been in touch with the owners of the house and they had other info. to share re: the CPR history etc… Glad you found time to stop by.

    Hi Jamie, Wow, summer’s in the Kootenays as a child, doesn’t get much better than that. Glad this brought good memories to mind. Hope you will be able to visit when we finally get moved there, our dream come true…

    Hi Heather, I love history preserved. This house received some real TLC to bring it back to its splendor. Yes, about that lotto???

    Huggs, Ger πŸ™‚

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