Fun for Friday…One word Meme

My blog-buddy over at Knitnana is doing a one word meme today….sounded like a nice and easy Friday post so I thought I'd give it a try to:

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me — it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog (if you have the time) so that I may leave a word about you too. Kinda like a chain letter but better, LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


13 responses

  1. email friend Elaine


  2. sweetness

  3. Opal: Thanks, a lot !

    Caroline: I like it!

    Beth: I try, glad it comes through online.

    Elaine: Am I?

    Meezer: You are SOOOOO smart!

    Knitnana: I’m glad to agree!

    Teddy: I sure am!

    Kimberley: Yummy…like that one a lot.

    Tasha: I’m working on it

    Joe: You are too!!!

    Jennifer: Wow, that’s really nice.

    Thanks to all of you…I will try to live up to these word perceptions of who I am. Some days I think I get closer to the mark than others. But I keep trying, that’s what counts, right! BFN, G 🙂

  4. Taste-full! 🙂

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