A Mitz Book Review: Yoga for Cats


The Mitz is in the ZONE!!!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!!! The Mitz has returned to Blogland….(Meowmie thinks BLOGLAND is such a funny word, she doesn’t get out much though, snort, snort…..!)

Anyhoooo…..Today I’m feeling mellow and in the zone. To be totally up-paw, I’ve actually been quite stressed lately. Waaaay too much rain has landed me in the house. Not enough time to be rolling in the grass or on the sidewalk in the backyard. I need my sunshine and daily communing with nature to be at my peak. It’s been tough to chill, that’s for sure.

But I have found a way to cope with the pressure and it all started with this dandy little book, Yoga for Cats. Heh, who would uh thunk it, a great book like this, put together by mere humans, but that appears to be the case.I do suspect a feline-editor though.

 Although I have always been the picture of grace and poise not to mention possessing exceptional balance and tone, I must admit, I did learn a new move or two. It’s also good for a chuckle/ snort or three…I mean reallyMissy’s Massage and the first class of Mrs. Om.…gotta love it! The comics are kinda cool too. Aaaannnnnd, if you’ve got a human who is not too rickety or tired (don’t expect miracles!!!), this might be a good book to share with them. I mean, is there anything funnier than a human doing the cat’s stretch, snort, snort….



Check this book out and let me know…ok! Gotta go, time for breakeeee….See ya soon. Headbonks and Chow for now…the Mitz (sorry cover photo no longer available)


15 responses

  1. Hi! Thanks for checking out the OM. This pic is great!!! Lovely!

    I will go ahead and do the tag now…I am having problems commenting on the blogspot blogs this afternoon.

    Hope all is well

  2. This is an awesome pic of Mitzi. She is so pretty, Geraldine! Really just the cutest thing. Don’t tell her I said so or her head will get too big.

  3. I’ll second that about the photo – Mitzy is very photogenic. What a beautiful demeanor and pose!

  4. AWWW Mitz!!

    what a cutie : )


  5. Greetings oh Humanoids!!! Thank you for stopping by and of course for admiring how gorgeous, talented and poised I am. I love compliments and these were the cat’s meooooow…Hope that you will share this post with your feline friends. They will probably want this book too. Chow, the Mitz

  6. Hi! I just posted my MwM. Check it out!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. V. cute! Cats are quite the little yogis/yoginis naturally! BTW, have you read any of the light mistery series “Sneakie Pie Brown” by Rita Mae Brown. The heros are two cats & a dog, v. fun.

  8. Hi Harmonia, Of course I checked it out, I visit every day ya know…:)

    Hi Heather, Like it a lot, yoginis…I love yoga too but no competition for the Mitz.
    No, I haven’t read any of that cat/dog series. I have read a couple of the L.J. Braun cat books though, kind of a fun read too.

    BFN, G

  9. My first EVER MwM is up!
    That was fun : )


  10. Hi Mitz,

    Sasha, one of the cats who lives with me, is very adept at yoga. He learned it without a book! I wish that I were as flexible as he is.

  11. Wow, Mitz, that’s one great photo of you! My Meowmie can’t catch me long enough to get full-face b/c I can’t stand the flash blub! Does yoga help that? I’ll have to try it…

  12. email friend Elaine

    Hi, again a lovely picture. Yoga must be what keeps you in shape, or your meowmee.

  13. Hi Teddy,Kimberly,Meezer and Elaine, Thanks for taking time out of your busy humanoid activities to stop by.
    Teddy,Does a MwM have anything to do with kibble??If it does, count me in!
    Sasha,Get your Meowmie making the moves, sounds like she is up to the challenge.
    Meezer, My dearcyber-pal,I don’t know what your Meomie is talking about, she takes some GRRRRREAT photos of you, over at Knitnana. Let me know how the yoga goes!
    Elaine, Yes, me and my Meowmie do the yoga-thing together, on a regular basis. She is ancient (that’s Meowmie) and has been doing the moves a LOT longer than me. Of course, I am a natural!!!

    Headbonks and BFN, The Mitz

  14. my cat, schroeder loves mitz…. he thinks she’s hot… i must concur with that…

  15. […] who gets to live with a cat! Though they may not associate their 4-footed buddy as an in-house personal trainer or psychologist, more likely than not they’ll think about that wonderful purr that got to hear […]

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