Blog of the Week:Earth Friendly Gardening

     In keeping with the gardening    ‘frenzy’ now in progress, even here on the Prairies and of course all the beautiful flower photos we have been fortunate to enjoy in Blogland lately; I  thought that my cyber-pal Caroline’s gardening blog would be a timely and useful: Blog of the Week.

Earth Friendly Gardening, Sustainable Gardening for a Healthy Planet is a treasure-trove of gardening and environmental tips, posts and related articles of interest. An extensive link list of every imaginable gardener’s resource also adds to this unique blog’s appeal. And, I would be remiss to mention, Caroline also shares her wit along with her green wisdom…It’s not all trowels and organic fertilizers at EFG!!!. Even the ‘plant-challenged’ like me, can enjoy the varied topics and often a great laugh to go along with…

Caroline is one talented woman. Needless to say, a great gardener (with plenty of credentials and experience to back that up) and also a freelance writer. I think most of all though, in terms of what makes EFG special, Caroline shows a true passion for what she does. This comes through in all of her well-researched and varied posts. All about making the earth a more sustainable and better place and also great ideas for how we can all make a difference, in our own personal green space(s)...Ok, enough gushing, right…

I hope you will enjoy your visit to EFG. Be prepared to print off some useful information for future reference too. MY EFG file is already growing….Right now, it’s just a potato patch in the backyard, but someday…..well, there is a garden already growing in my mind. It will be better and greener (in more ways than one) for what I have already learned at EFG.  Check it out: Earth Friendly Gardening.  🙂

7 responses

  1. I read this one! : )
    Thanks to you

  2. I’m looking for a smiley icon that blushes gut I can’t find one. 🙂 🙂 Anyway thanks so much for your complimentary post, Geraldine!!!!

  3. well I meant “but” not “gut” oh well….now I really need that blushy icon.

  4. EFG rocks!!!!

  5. I admire anyone who can garden. I think I would fall into the plant challenged catagory. I know absolutely nothing (Unless I want to sit and read for hours)- but with kids never let me do that LOL.

  6. I took a look at the last few posts! I always enjoy coming here! I am learning so much from you!!! thanks for sharing!

    Your dish looks wonderful btw.

    Happy Monday!

  7. Good Morning Teddy,Caroline,Veggie Guy,Mandy and Harmonia….
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Teddy, glad you like EFG too, lots of great posts/info.isn’t there?
    Caroline, stop blushing, enjoy the compliments, all true
    VG, you can keep blushing, it looks cute… when you once in a while do LOL …
    Mandy,Im glad Im not the only one who is hopeless with plants, I like the concept though, and watching a garden come up is magic, as far as Im concerned. We just saw the first potato sprouts coming up yesterday…whooopeee…
    Harmonia, you are soooo nice, I love your blog too, stop by every day.

    Have a great day. BFN, G 🙂

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