Updates: Brain Gym and TypePad

It's funny how we ( or at least I ) often debate about certain things, plans etc…for what seems like forever, only to find out that what we thought we should be doing or deciding was the right thing, in fact wasn't.

I got the following email/comment re: my Brain Gym post in my inbox this morning. Thanks Kathy....Maybe that's why when I had written down to follow-up with the Brain Gym instructor here on Monday, I decided not to. I certainly don't need any time or money wasted, who does? Unfortunately, it sounds like, at least in Kathy's case, that's exactly what happened. I did have my doubts when I was told that several of the recent classes had to be cancelled, due to lack of enrollment. Here's Kathy's comment:

Hi there,  I just got home from the first day of a training workshop in Brain Gym. I am a special education teacher with a Masters degree- I have to tell you, I am not going back. The claims that the instructor was making were ridiculous, like “one fellow had had a stroke and was blind- after brain gym he regained his sight”. I had read lots of scathing reviews about it before I went, but I wanted to have some firsthand experience with it before making up my mind. We were treated to things like:
“Rub your lips and put your hand over your belly button… this is good for B/D reversals and comprehension”…. My God! Save your money.
I hope its not too late!  Kathy

On another procrastination note…LOL. I am finally (honest) working on my new TypePad blog!!! But it is going to take awhile to get it up and running and looking just the way I want it too. In the meantime, thought it was nice to have all my archives back and an easy to read format, so yes, another WP theme today! Never say never… LOL. The Groovy Green Secret Agent Girl was cool but she took away too many of the features I like, including a list of recent comments and didn't list all the archives, yikes…. Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚ Looks like we are in for a rainy but warm day here.

3 responses

  1. Well, glad you didn’t take the Brain Gym class. Sounds like a snake oil cure if I ever heard one!

    I like “Silver is the the New Black.” Secret Agent Girl was OK but she was too distracting! πŸ™‚ I like the way that this template accentuates your photographs. Great job!

  2. Oh and I meant to say…..Did you always have “Just for Fun” and “The Mitz” in the same Category? I can believe that Mitzi does not expect…no, demand….her own category!!!

  3. Thanks for the compliments C…always appreciated and suggestions too.
    Ssssshhhh….about the category, thought I could get away with this while still doing the WP blog. Mitz hasn’t noticed the 2 for 1 yet. LOL.
    BFN, G πŸ™‚

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