Roxanne Chan: PRIZE-Winning Cook!

   It was a real pleasure to host the 2006 NJFV Recipe Contest. I hope you all enjoyed the winning entries as much as we did. It was great fun, checking out all the recipes, reading comments from the entrants and getting to ‘know’ some very talented and nice people along the way.

One of the winner’s also happens to be a recipe-entrant extraordinaire!!! While surfing my way around the Web, I happened upon the following article from the Berkeley Daily Planet. It was all about Roxanne Chan, a NJFV Honorable Mention winner for her delicious recipe, Ginger Pear and Pasta Slaw (check out this link if you missed it). Wow, I knew Roxanne could cook but after reading her story, it’s obvious she does a LOT of cooking and the prize-winning kind at that. This is one amazing lady!!! Roxanne also shared with me that she has to date won over 660 awards for her recipes, during the last 25 years. Roxanne also leads a very busy life in CA. including caring for what sounds like an awesome and extensive garden. Hope you will enjoy the read and her recipe too.

Check out the Berkeley article at: Roxanne Chan 

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