Ok, Enough already….

I promise……….no more theme changes until the 'big switch' to TypePad . I just couldn't make up my mind and let's face it, in the free WP option list, there ain't much to pick from!!!!!!!.

So I'm going with green (my fav.color),  the 'secret agent girl' and black for great contrast. And best of all, the comment #'s are back, for every post AND I can still keep the silver text. LOL……

Remember, change is gooooood. BFN, G 🙂

11 responses

  1. hahaha
    you just can’t keep still can ya?
    I like this one too! great job.
    I know nothing about html or anything really.. I just fumbled around and added a banner- When i can, i want to learn how to change my blog around some more
    Way to go Good lookin’!


  2. Don’t know if you have tried the Regulus Binary Moon template yet, very flexible, very stable.

    I actually switched *from* typepad to wordpress because of that template. But typepad does have many merits! Keep me posted where you are!

    TC 🙂

  3. I like the green a lot (of course!). I keep struggling with my blog, too. I like my banner, but not the sidebar color.

  4. My 2 wordpress.com blogs I change often…because I like to play with the different themes. My main blog, a wordpress stand-alone – installed on my server – is one that doesn’t get changed hardly at all. I’ve finally gotten it to the point I like it. I don’t change my blogger or xanga themes, either, because I don’t want to lose all of the modifications I’ve made to them.

    That’s one thing I like about the wordpress.com blogs. I don’t lose anything when I change themes.

  5. We’re with ya through thick and theme, G.!

  6. I like this one too! Typepad, eh? Let me know when you make the switch! I change my layout often as well…blogsome works off the wordpress platform so there aren’t mant to choose from there…they have a couple goodies tho but for someone like me who likes to keep it fresh…ek!

    Hope to see you around today!


  7. Dear Teddy,Heather,Beth,Dawn,Caroline and Harmonia…Thanks so much for stopping by. Also for the great feedback and tips. As I said before, I
    don’t know why Im sitting on the fence about the ‘big switch’, its not really is it? Im just not a techie/geekess at all, maybe Im panicking needlessly that I will get the new blog messed up before I even start.
    I look forward to going on my blog-route to visit you all, later today.
    For now, I have a friend coming over for coffee soon, stuff to do before that so better sign off.

    BFN, Secret Agent Galaka Veggie Cook signing off and wishing you all a grooooovy day!!!! 🙂

  8. PS Ooppps, that should read, Secret Agent Gal aka Veggie Cook, or was it meant to be Galaka ……LOL

    PSS Another WP quirk, not all the archives show on this theme but they are there if you do a keyword search. Now, that is a strange quirk don’t ya think????

  9. The one thing that tempts me to move to a hosted server is that I can play with the design of the template. You’re kind of stuck with the WP designs when they do the free hosting. Oh well, I think change is a good thing, though it can be unnerving. Still, it looks like you’re having fun with it!

  10. I used to be a typepad lady until I got my own domain veganmomma.com WP was included with the package since my hosting is paid free I have full control of what I want to do with WP. I love it. I have installed a few add-ons over the past year.

  11. I wish I was more ‘techie-smart’, Im amazed with what some of the bloggers are doing, with add-ons etc. But I am learning, slowly but surely, have some great ideas for the new blog and hopefully can personalize it the way I want it to look. Right now, I dont feel that that’s possible with WP. I also wasn’t aware that there were any other options with WP. I know ads/affiliates aren’t possible and this is also something else I want to get into, in a small way…no junky pop-ups or anything like that! BFN, G 🙂

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