Book Review: AlterKNITS by Leigh Radford

 Although it seems lately that finishing any project is taking me forever, including my knitting; browsing new books and ideas never fails to capture my interest. The good ones that is.

Such has been the case with AlterKNITS by Leigh Radford. This is a beautiful and unique knitting book. Ms. Radford takes knitting to a whole new level and explores options for making the term, ‘everything old is new again’ valid and special.

I was particularly intrigued by the, Recycled Sweater Totes, taking old adult-sized sweaters, cutting them strategically and presto…a cool-looking tote appears, leaving behind what was probably a sweater destined (or already there) for the thrift store or trash. The yummy felted Stash Bag was another pattern that really appealed, absolutely gorgeous, this time made from an assortment of yarn leftovers.

Of course, not all of the projects are about using up scrap yarn and old sweaters. The majority focus on new looks, twists on the classics, all original and instructions well-explained. Along with a number of beautiful sweater patterns, Leigh includes a pattern for a dreamy knitted SCREEN DOOR ( you read that right!!!), felted laptop carry-all, mixed media pillows and many more.

This is definitely a knitting book worth checking out. Even if it never gets past being a ‘coffee table’ book, to browse and enjoy, it would still be worth it. I hope mine goes a bit further than that. I certainly have a number of old sweaters that may just have another life to live after all…. Happy Knitting and browsing and BFN 🙂


2 responses

  1. Screen door? For real? I haven’t been doing much knitting this year. I blame it all on this laptop in my lap! I’m too busy surfing everyone’s blogs, instead of picking up knitting needles and zoning out with the knitting. Oh, well, it’ll happen again eventually…I think…maybe. 😉

  2. Yes, really a screen for a door. And it’s easy to make too. If you get a chance, check it out. But you will need to put down the laptop if you want
    to knit. I’ve tried knitting while on the computer, sure slows down my
    typing LOL….Have a great day, G 🙂

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