More WP quirks of the trade….

Hello there Bloggers, As any of you with WP know, they have some rather strange 'rules' in their particular part of Blogland. Different presentations, different options for each. I tried quite a few yesterday, some completely messed up the sidebar, links etc…banished to the bottom of the page.  I now note that the 'quirk' with this particular theme is that the comments # only show on the very first post on each page (duhhhhh….) not just the first page but the first post on each page. Ok, I know it's a free service, stop b…….ing about it, right???

 Anyways, the good news, you can still comment on posts, further down the page, by clicking on the title, that opens up the page with comments shown and option to write a new one. Some of my best work is often further down the page……LOL, and without your input, it's no fun at all.  Your feedback means a lot!

So, thanks for stopping by, keep reading and commenting and hope to 'see' you again soon… G 🙂

6 responses

  1. Wowee! I miss a few days and everything is new! LOL!

    Hope you are well. 🙂

  2. I love that you’re redoing the site
    I minimally changed mine.. Yours is looking great : )

    I’m a little jealous haha

  3. WOW, I take the weekend off from the pc and something different!!! It looks nice. Hope you had a great weekend too! I have to play catch up on my blog reading LOL 😀 Take care ~ Mandy

  4. Well I like the way this one looks, little more stylish than the silver, but how quirky that it only shows comments for the first post. I don’t like that! Better be nice to Turdpress though! 🙂

  5. It’s not actually rules that the wordpress group are setting up. They are giving you options (it’s all semantics, isn’t it? 🙂 ) You can choose the theme that fits you the best. All of the themes are donated and done by people in the WordPress community. I kinda like that.

  6. Greetings Zaida,Teddy,Mandy,Caroline and Dawn…Thanks very much for all your comments and compliments.

    Joe and I are taking a much needed day off today…I hurt my leg (minor, getting better) the other night while out walking and the stress level has been extra-high lately. Today, we’ve been catching up on reading, relaxing, even did some ‘naked cake’ eating (the cake of course LOL) today…yummmmm….
    I will get to TypePad….but I kinda like the new look here, for now.

    Have a teleconference from the good old U.S. of A… to listen in on, in 5 minutes, so better sign off.

    Happy Blogging and BFN, G 🙂

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