Site of the Week: Feel Great! Organics

It started with a quest for deet-free mosquito repellent. With the pesky critters already nearing helicopter proportions ( ok, maybe not THAT big! ) and after one walk in the park with the dozen itching welts to prove it (not to mention the risk of WNV) it was time to get some protection. The local health food stores offered only tiny spray bottles of one particular brand and at a very high price too. With Joe working outside for the summer and all our other activities outdoors, that wasn't going to take us far.Decided to do a surf around the Web to see if there was a company shipping to Canada, with reasonable prices and more selection. I not only found all of this, I actually found a company IN Canada, providing outstanding brand-name selection, very reasonable prices and for my immediate needs, at least 6 kinds of deet-free mosquito repellent to chose from.

Feel Great Organics, Worlds #1 Organic and All- Natural Superstore offers: a great selection of natural foods, supplements, fitness products and skin care online! I was amazed to find all that they had to offer and with prices that certainly have the local stores beat. Free shipping on orders of $59. or more (in Canada). I even received a nice email from them, almost immediately, after placing my order, answering a product question I had submitted. Feel Great also ships worldwide and on top of their already low prices, offers volume discounts too.

Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a natural online one-stop shopping opportunity that really goes the extra mile. This company seems to be doing just that. Check it out at: Feel Great Organics

2 responses

  1. I love places that go that extra mile.

    While we don’t need mosquito repellents here much (there’s no water, so, no mosquitos), finding a nice organic delivery place is always a good thing.

  2. Not many mosquitos here but I am going to up state NY this summer. I bet they’ll be bitting there! This site looks like a great one too. Thanks for sharing it : )


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