P.S. and Amen…re: Stefanie!

   Not to belabour the point, but I happened to find this quote from Stefanie Powers, while doing a web-surf this a.m.  A telling quote, referring to the studio stars that proceeded her and their thoughts on life beyond the big screen. “But they all said the same thing — ‘when the makeup comes off you still have to go home and face your life; make sure it is a satisfying as the one you left at the dressing table.’ I think I have.” S.P. If you are interested in reading more from this site, check it out at: Stefanie Powers

2 responses

  1. Hi! Thanks for your comments as always! I’m not very shy but I do feel dumb sometimes…lol…hope your weekend was pleasant and your coming week even more so!


  2. Thanks Harmonia, And the same to you too! Your blog is terrific, on my daily blog-route. Glad you stopped by. G 🙂

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