Mitz Aerobics-Back by Popular Demand!

With all the talk of Naked Cakes, Kibble-fests and more….many of the Mitz's friends and feline bloggers have requested an encore of her excellent and highly effective aerobic workout…And for those of you who missed it the first time, enjoy!

PS Great for felines AND lumpy humans too, 'Mitzi, get off the keyboard'…….LOL! 

My marvelous Mitzi. She has taught me so much through the years and we have shared a lot of good times (and tears too). She was always there to make any day brighter. A marvel at 18 years young, still as friskie as ever and still being mistaken for a kitten!!!A fun exercise routine for Mitzi and for me to watch from the sidelines. Hope it brings a smile to your day!!!!  🙂          

  The Crunch                  Shoulder Rolls

  DSCN0134.JPG    DSCN0122.JPG  

Tummy Tucks                 Butt Lifts 

 DSCN0133.JPG    DSCN0120.JPG

 Paw Extensions         Time to Chill   

 DSCN0119.JPG   DSCN0136.JPG



7 responses

  1. : )

    I LOVE it. Makes me wanna be a cat.
    There’s a cat that lives onmy block and she always just walks into my house ans hangs out. I think I’m adopting her. Not sure if she has an owner. I’ll put a pick of her up tonight! she’s adorable

    Thanks for the workout


  2. Oh how great! I love the cat aerobics. I think I’m going to try to get my two to work out too.

  3. Cat aerobics. Now we know the secret of the Mitz’s longevity!!!

  4. Well, well, Mitz…you do have quite the workout! And you’re looking fine during those moves, too!
    The Meezer

  5. Dear Teddy, Kimberley, Caroline and of course, the fab. Meezer…

    Thank you for stopping by. Now you know one of my secrets to the great figure that I have retained, in spite of my ‘ahem’ approaching the 2 decade (in human years) mark. Meowmie and Pawmie have also taken good care of me, I can’t complain. But the aerobics, that’s all down to me.

    Headbonks to you all, The Mitz
    PS Teddy, we are looking forward to a cat pic on your blog….sounds like you are already being called to be ‘owned’ LOL….

  6. email friend Elaine

    Mitzi You are in fine shape for your age. Now I can see why, all the exercise you get. haha
    Tell your mommee I love her new blog.
    keep up the good work

  7. Thanks Elaine, glad you like the new look….
    The Mitz sends Headbonks to the darling Boo….

    See ya soon, G and the Mitz 🙂

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