Book Review: Annie Duke, How I Raised…..


I love to read biographies, modern and historical. When they say that truth is stranger than fiction, nowhere is that more applicable than in the life stories of people we admire (and sometimes the ones we don’t).

I happened to see Annie Duke when she was a guest on the Craig Ferguson Show ( isn’t he a hoot, more to follow re: our adventures with Craig, at a later date….). Back to Annie, I must admit, I am not a fan of poker and I certainly wouldn’t have thought to pick up this book to read, before seeing Annie’s interview with Craig. But her life story to date has been fascinating to say the least . Talk about taking another route in life….the unexpected road TAKEN this time.

 At the age of 26, Annie was on her way to a PhD degree in psycholinguistics after completing years of research and studies in languages, an eight-page CV no less, her credentials go on and on….. This is one brainy woman and seriously in the academic sense, up to that point. 

The question?  How did this bright and beautiful woman’s life change at that point, in 1992? How did she find herself, NOT in a NYC university and in the environment and life she had planned for so long; instead facing down a table of chain-smoking rednecks and hard-drinking cowboys at the Crystal Lounge in Billings, Montana. And the start of her journey to becoming the best female poker player in the world? I won’t spoil the story.

This was a great read from start to finish. Only downside, I got a bit bored with the poker plays and lingo but still read the book in one night. That only happens with the good ones.

Annie also has her own website, check it out at:  Annie Duke


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