Four Foodie Finds….

Aaaaahh…Saturday morning…so far the stress-level for the day is manageable, hope it stays that way.

Right now I'm enjoying a nice hot cup of java and a slice of banana bread that I just made. Thanks to Judy over at Savvy Vegetarian for sharing this versatile banana bread recipe. I made a bit of an adjustment on the spices, used ground cinnamon, allspice and just a touch of ginger instead. I did go with the suggestion of blending the bananas, made for a smoother than usual texture. I still like Mom's Banana Bread recipe that I usually make, will probably go back to the masher (and coarser texture) for the next loaf, but this recipe made for a nice change. Recipe at: Savvy Banana Bread.

Seeing that the day looks to be another cold and rainy one here on the Prairies, I decided to put on a big pot of soup too. My fav. Russian Beet Borscht won out again, I just love this soup and I happily had all the ingredients on hand, including fresh dillweed ( so much nicer! ) . I'll include a link from Really Natural if you decide that this is also a soup day where you are. Also included is my recipe for Quickie Oatmeal Bread and some fun suggestions and comments from the hosts of the site. Check it out at: Borscht and Bread

A gem from LKL's Veggie Table showed up in my inbox this week. Laura pulled together a wonderful selection of Gourmet Vegetarian Recipes from her extensive archives. Haven't had a chance to check them all out but the ones I did read sounded great. Vegetarian fare can be healthy, delicious and elegant too. If you need some ideas for a special dinner party you are planning or maybe a romantic dinner au deux ( hope that's right, my French is a bit rusty! ) you won't want to miss ( and probably save ) some of these too. Laura's Picks at: LKL Gourmet Recipes

And last but not least…Calling all Carrot Lovers!!! The World Carrot Museum is the place for all things weird and wonderful for  those who enjoy this great orange (and sometimes purple!) edible. Everything from recipes, folklore, gardening tips, carrot crafts, contraception (yes, you read that right) and of course, carrot festivals you won't want to miss………wow, is there anything that doesn't have a festival now???  

See it all at: the World Carrot Museum

That's all for now. I just knew you wanted more links and recipes to check out right?  šŸ™‚ 


7 responses

  1. MMMM yummy banana bread, I tweek the recipe I have too I think I add more spice than they call for to give it a kick in the tastebuds LOL. I probably won’t be reading blogs until Tuesday (kids are home driving me bonkers right now), I”ll play catch up then. Hope you and Mitz have a great holiday weekend! šŸ˜€ Mandy

  2. I thought the Veggie Table’s gourmet recipes looked great. The Tuscan bean dip caught my eye right away…I love cannelini beans. Thanks for sharing! Hope you & Joe & the Mitz have a good w/e!

  3. Hello again…I have a cooking question. I love crock pot cooking but haven’t had much luck using it with vegetarian dishes. It seems better for meats, oh well. But, that Tuscan bean dip on the Veggie Table site?
    Do you think I could do it in the crock pot instead of baking it for 2 hrs. in the oven. Seems like if I cooked them all day in the crock pot I could get the same effect without heating up the house. Whatcha think?

  4. Hi Caroline, I took a look at the recipe, yes, I think the crock pot method would work fine. Beans always need a lot of cooking time, and on a low temp. I don’t think that would cause any problems(baked beans are slow cooked for 5-6 hours, I have a veggie version of Boston Baked Beans in my cookbook like that). I agree, there aren’t too many veggie crockpot recipes….I had one years ago (with first husband, wedding gift LOL) but ended up giving it away, just wasn’t using it much.

    Hope you and Curt and the kitties have a great weekend too. G šŸ™‚

  5. Yum! I think banana bread is the choice food cooked on the prairie with these rainy days. I did mine on Wednesday….great food for breakie that’s for sure.

  6. Thanks G., I will give it a try. Our gas cost is so high, Curt was joking that 2 hours in the oven was like $40! šŸ™‚ thanks for the help.

  7. Heh C….Oh you mean the stove LOL….I didn’t think you’d be cooking on the engine block, as in the Full Monty? Time to change to electric, heating the house is just insane here, even in a small house….The gas prices here are out of control too….I want one of those vehicles that run on recycled french fry-fat….one rolled through here a couple of years ago, seemed to be doing fine!

    Thanks for stopping by Jamie and Caroline and BFN, G šŸ™‚

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