The Mitz: Officially a Catster Blogger…

Greetings FELINES and human friends too…

It doesn’t happen often but I am meooooooowless at this moment….(that’s feline for speechless) that’s how excited I REALLY am!!! Tonight, when Meowmie wasn’t looking, I finally got my very own blog!!! I am now an official Catster Blogger….

All the waiting was worthwhile, this cat-blogging service rocks….And there are certainly some handsome toms to check out over there too. Make sure to share this feline-friendly service with all the felines  oops, that should read HUMANS owned by you and yours. Who knows, in return their feline-friend(s) might even let them sleep in on the weekend for a change (love those roller blinds for snapping!!!) snort,snort….then again, maybe that’s expecting a little toooooo much!

So without further adieu…or should I say aaaachooo…I bring you my new blog page.

Meow for now, The Mitz

PS I will still be sharing my kibble wisdom on Meowmie’s blog too, I mean, where would she be without me????

8 responses

  1. I gave your kitty treats!

    : )

  2. Oh very cool!! I didn’t know they had blogs for cats, I left The Mitz a treat 😀

  3. Congratulations Mitz, Simba will be very jealous. (Tiny & Scout will not care). I left you a treat!

  4. Morning to you too Geraldine : )
    Thanks for stopping by..
    My favorite way to make tofu is to buy the extra firm kind. Then I slice it into about 1/4 inch strips and place the strips onto a towel to soak up all excess moisture, i usually wrap the tofu completely in a towel and press it to be sure even more of that h20 gets out. Put them in a frying pan that’s on high heat with oil in it and in about 1-2 mins you’ll see that they turn a golden/brown color and need to be flipped. When I remove them from the pan and put them on a towel too soany extra oil comes off. Makes for yummy tofu! : ) – not sure how healthy it is tho hehe

    okay work work work. Happy friday to you!

  5. Good Morning Teddy, Mandy and Caroline…First of all, the Mitz says, thanks for the treats you sent via Catster…she is bloating up nicely LOL…Mitz has already joined the ‘over 10 yrs’ ahem…club. We even found a cat born with no eyes named Porkie on the site, so sad but he seems to be having a good life anyways…what a little trooper!!! My dear gleaming white and beautiful Porkie went to cat heaven a couple of years ago, we miss him (and Lois and Tasha) every day.

    Thanks Teddy for the tofu update. There is a restaurant here that serves up the BEST rice bowl, with VERY yummy tofu chunks in it. ( I don’t usually like tofu chunks) I must get up my nerve and ask how its done. Apparently they are using my cookbook recipe for hummus so I guess they owe me a favor LOL….I don’t think its fried though. Seems too crunchy on the outside and possibly marinated.

    Send your cats over to Catster for frolicking feline fun…..BFN, G 🙂

  6. Hi! Happy Friday! WHEW!

    It’s been a busy one – ek! I got some Quinoa pasta yesterday! Can’t wait to try it! I’ll try anything at least once…if it’s vegan!


  7. How funny that Mitzi is on Catster … My little Milo is on Dogster! I will have to visit her and leave her a treat!

    Have a terrific weekend!

  8. Thanks Tania, the Mitz says ditto!!! We will check out Milo’s Dogster page soon. Have a great weekend. G 🙂

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