Naked Cake Eating….

Ok, have I got you wondering ?  Is this post all about eating cake in the nude ( ooopsss…where did that crumb go????? ) or could it perhaps be a 'naked cake' that is the topic of the day? And if that's the case, what IS a naked cake????  Food for thought, no pun intended.                  

Check it out at: Naked-Cake Eating   Have a great weekend and BFN 🙂

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  1. Yes, that post did get my attention! 🙂 That was a nice review. Can’t wait to try the recipe. Maybe I can trick my family into eating zucchini!

  2. Hi Geraldine,

    Just stopped by to check out your blog after I saw your comment on mine yesterday. Naked Cake Eating…I loved it when I read it! And it was certainly a luscious cake on Tania’s blog. Some people I know just don’t think veggies belong in desserts. While I’m not a fan of carrot cake at all, I do remember zucchini making my mother’s chocolate zucchini cake very moist. And I must admit, having zucchini in a chocolate cake makes me feel less guilty about indulging…you are getting a (albeit small) serving of veggies after all.

  3. Hi Beth and WC….Thanks for stopping by. I am not a big fan of desserts but there are some exceptions, chocolate and carrot cakes come to mind first. But NOT TOO SWEET!!! It’s great how zucchini can add moistness to a cake without imparting it’s flavor. This is a very popular cake at my cookbook signings, Ive brought samples for customers to try. Also nice that no frosting is required but a dollop of good vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt would be a nice extra touch!
    Hope all is well, Happy Naked Cake Eating (sounds like a good blog name LOL) G. 🙂

  4. hey, congrats on the book review on “Candied Quince!” That must feel pretty good. The cake sounds great….I have to admit that I never would think of pairing Chocolate and zucchini (notice how Chocolate is capitalized 🙂 but why not, if it works for zucchini bread!

  5. Hi again C. Chocolate deserves to be capitalized, it is that important LOL….
    Yummy cake, naked or not, I mean the cake of course!!!!!
    Candied Quince rocks…on my regular blog-route (natch EFG too!)….yes, reviews are always nice, especially on great blogs like CQ.

    BFN, G 🙂

  6. How funny–naked cake! I’ll definitely try this recipe out, too. Especially since I have 2 zucchini plants growing in my backyard garden!

    Now there’s two words that are dangerous to use together: naked and zucchini.

  7. Hahahahahahahaha…..I like it Kim, you are a fun girl!!!! G 🙂

  8. email friend Elaine

    Hi, I just saw the picture and recipe for “the” cake. I am definately going to make it. It is too bad I didn’t have the recipe a few years ago, I had so many zucchini’s I didn’t know what to do with them all. By the way, just a hint-when growing zucchini’s if you make a stand and hang them up they will grow and take up less room. It is hard for me to explain I wish I could draw it, it can be made from 2×4’s or smaller wood, just make an upside down U.
    I know this is as clear as mud.
    Anyway again thanks for the recipe

  9. Naked Cake! Fun! You must all be Canadian ladies? The sense of humor gives us away every time. I will definitely make this cake next time I have a chocolate attack. If you’re a veg/chocolate fan, try the avocado choc fudge recipe on It’s vegan btw. (Geraldine has infected me with her abreviations – it took me ages to figure out what bfn meant)

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