The Mitz: Recipe/Book Review

    Well, it finally happened, a recipe showed up in Meowmie’s inbox (aka litterbox on most days, snort, snort)  that I can actually get excited about.  Well maybe not excited yet, I mean I haven’t actually tried this recipe and don’t have the book it was taken from in my hot little paws ( my 19th isn’t far off though…sigggggggggggh, so maybe something to lick the humanoids ears about, if this recipe is a go…) 

Anyways, I think it’s definitely worth a look. The recipe is for Kitty Taco cha,cha,cha….and the book is called Real Food For Cats by Pattie Delmonte. 50 vet-approved recipes created to please the most discerning of feline palates ( that would of course include moi! )

Forget the energy bars Meowmie’s been chirping about…. I’m raring to try out the Cat Chow Cookies, Tabby Tuna Popsicles (in my bikini natch…) or how about a big bowl of Gizzard Goulash.

There’s even recipes for the unfortunate felines out there with some health problems ( definitely NOT moi, but I do feel for ya ) so I guess, something for everyone in felinedom, willing to don an apron and to get those spoons a twirling….In this case, it probably won’t be Meowmie, she isn’t one to play with meat any day of the week, although she is still able to operate a can opener when pressured by me to do so.

I mean, come on now…we are carnivores, right, and no veggie talk is gonna change that. Yes, I have made the acquaintance of a vegan cat or two and I know, I know… different strokes and all that but as the song goes…”it ain’t me babe…” I must be doing something right,check out that kisser, am I beautiful or what??? The word is so inadequate, isn’t it? Glad you also noted that in the scrubbed-down reality photo of me and Meowmie…something about her FINALLY growing up. Well, that’s a matter of opinion, snort, snort…… 

Check out the book review and recipe for this fine feline cuisine at:  Kitty Taco 

Chow, chow for now….the Mitz 

7 responses

  1. Always love a great cat pic!!!

  2. Hi Mitzi, you’re cracking us up here in Rhode Island! Tell your meowmie to put a clothespin on her nose and get those tuna pops going! xxxooo, Simba, Tiny & Scout

  3. Dearest Humanoids and RI Feline Friends, Thanks for appreciating my beauty and creative genius. Of course I taught Meowmie everything she knows but she still has a lot to learn!!!

    Aaaaaugh…tuna pops, sounds yummy, make sure your Meowmie checks out the cat taco recipe too…

    Chow for now, The Mitz

  4. email friend Elaine

    As usual Mitzi lovely to hear from you. The picture is very becomming. Might have to try some of those treats.

  5. Love the kitty pic.
    I just moved into a new place that is going to allow me to own a cat! I’m so excited for the past 3 months I’ve been looking at places I can adopt a cat. The cat I get will be THE most spoiled cat in the world : ) thanks for the recipe so I can indulge the new kitty more!


  6. Now, that’s a cute kitty!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Teddy and Tanna…glad you enjoyed my extraordinary beauty snort, snort…..
    Hope the right feline finds their way to you Teddy…make sure to share a pic of the new family member when you have one. I will look forward to checking him/her out in blogland. I am planning to start my own cat-blog but Meowmie keeps saying NO!!!
    Headbonks, the Mitz!

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