Wishing you a peaceful day…

Thanks to Steve Goodier, of the Life Support System  for providing this excellent story of Peace and Imperturbabily. The right 'thought'  always seems to arrive in my inbox from Life Support just when I need it most; this one certainly did. As I am personally trying to grasp and hold on to; peace can be found within all of us, even in times of stress overload and turmoil. This too shall pass….right?

Wishing you all a peaceful day, what a treasure they are. Enjoy the read and make sure to take time to smell the (Peace) roses…. BFN πŸ™‚

PS If any of you are re-reading this and note some 'editing' going on….the  wonky WP gods are at it again…..First the font size changed (I hadn't touched a thing!!!) then I lost a few words along the way….go figure. The meaning is still there and Steve's portion is intact, so that's the happy ending.


I think Charles Allen said it first. "When faced with problems which
threaten to steal your peace of mind, learn the meaning of the word
I heard of two artists who were asked to illustrate peace. Each was
assigned the task of depicting a peaceful scene on canvas.
The first artist drew a beautiful picture of a countryside on a warm,
spring day. A soft sun illumines green grass and bathes a picturesque
farmhouse and grazing cattle in its warmth. A farmer walks
contentedly behind strong plow horses preparing his field for spring
planting. The picture is one of beauty and quiet tranquility.

The other artist took a different approach. He drew a majestic,
rugged cliff. Gnarled trees, twisted by years of violent winds, jut from the craggy mountain
side. Dark clouds hang low and fierce while
jagged streaks of lightening slash across an angry sky. The picture
is one of violence, chaos and rage.

But as one looks closely, something else becomes visible. There in
one of the crevices of the rocky mountain, tucked back just out of
reach of the wind and rain – a nest with two small birds. Apparently
unconcerned about the impending storm, they appear calm, cozy and
peaceful as they patiently wait for the turbulence to pass.

And isn't that the way it so often is? We may want to be surrounded
by peace, but storms rage. Problems and pressures without threaten to
steal peace of mind within.

The answer is imperturbability: inner peace that doesn't leave when
circumstances change. It's a peace that is greater than the problems
of life, built on assurance that the tempest will finally pass, that
we will survive the storm, that we may grow stronger because of it
and, in the meantime, we will not endure it alone.

Imperturbability – it's the result of a peace that passes
understanding. For serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace
amid the storm.
This reading is found in Steve Goodier's popular book
    60-second readings that touch the mind and heart 


7 responses

  1. Wow. Just wow. I’m in tears. How timely.

    Thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Z….I have replied to your comment via email.
    Huggs, Geraldine

  3. Aww we all wish a peaceful day to YOU as well : )

  4. Hope your day is going better today and you’re feeling more peaceful today, G. So sad, I’m so busy I haven’t even looked at my own blog or anyone elses till just now. 😦

  5. Hi Teddy and Caroline, Thanks for your kind wishes…peace is such a precious element in our lives…we find that out when it isn’t there.

    Yes, today is a bit better, thanks again Caroline and for your email good wishes too, much appreciated.

    BFN, G πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Geraldine, just thought I’d stop in to say hi and wish you peace. I’ve been busy lately but finally got a chance to check out your “peace” post. That photo is one to stare at – it’s radiating. And the idea of imperturbability is something I am trying to cultivate now myself, since the storm seems to have come. I actually went for a walk the other day in a literal rain storm, just to do it. The idea was to go out anyway, and I ended up not only enduring it but really enjoying it. All the different sounds of the rain, and the cleanliness, the rich green of the trees. It was a great walk, very peaceful. If you look closely at the photo in your blog there are some drops of water on the flower. I think it just rained.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Curt and glad you enjoyed this post. I loved what Steve had to share and actually visualized being one of those little birds the other day, safe and protected, in spite of dangers and storm surrounding them. Helped to get through a very hard day.

    Your blog, the Stone and Plank, is terrific…..site link on my blogroll if any readers want to visit. Unique and thought-provoking and on my daily blog-route now. Cheers and BFN, G πŸ™‚

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