Calling all Knitters!

Just received the new Lion Brand newsletter in my inbox today. Included with this edition was the introduction of a new Lion Brand program. They are now accepting applications for knitting instructors.

Although I don’t think my knitting skills are up to the challenge, I do believe it could be a great opportunity for many knitters out there. I have taught many craft classes in the past and it was always rewarding; not just for the extra cash but the sense of accomplishment that comes with teaching and to share the delight of students who were happy to learn something new. It also usually works both ways and in a group setting, the exchange of ideas can really get the creative juices flowing!!!

The only criteria is to know at least 4 people who you think might be interested in taking classes (no actual obligation). In return, Lion Brand is offering course materials, online help, kits and many other resources to make the transition from knitter to knitting instructor easy and fun. Sounds like a great idea, definitely worth checking out…

For information about becoming an instructor :  Lion Brand

3 responses

  1. You know my bamboo knitting needles are still tucked away in their drawer. I was thinking of knitting this three-day-weekend but time flew by. Can you recommend a simple project for someone returning to knittin?
    I’m thinking I should make something for my daughter.

  2. Hi again, First thing that came to mind was a poncho, easy to knit and versatile to wear. Check out the Lion Brand ,Bernat and Paton’s links (sidebar-Yarn Patterns and Supplies, you should be able to find a free pattern at one of these that you and your daughter ( what a cutie!!) like.
    Any other suggestions out there???

    Thanks for stopping by, G 🙂

  3. Oh I love that idea, thanks! My daughter loves ponchos. If I added tassels I would be the coolest mom ever in her book! lol 😉 I think I will take her to the craft store this weekend and let her pick out the color.

Thanks so much for your comments!

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