A Mitzi Site Review – FreebieCat


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack….First of all, I just gotta ask, do ya like the new pic.??? Meowmie caught me dreaming about that big lug Garfield…heh, he wasn’t always a cartoon, I just love orange-tabby toms….yummmmy.

 Speaking of that lasagne-lovin’ hunk of burnin’ love…. Gotta make this short, a re-run of “Garfield’s Christmas” is on the tube in a few minutes and I’ve got a big bowl of freshly- roasted  kibbles and my fav. four booties, ready and waiting. Feline-time to unwind and recline….it’s been a looooooooooong day! 

I digress… ( that’s one I stole from Meowmie, dots and all…she likes saying that, snort, snort, don’t know why but it works for me !! ). This  FreebieCat site is not only a cool one for kitties, even the humans can find a free thing or two to check out. I give it the ‘paws up’…check it out and like their top 10 reasons ( I even included the list waaaaay below, such a speedster on the copy and paste ) to get their catletter says….#3 You can even get email from a cat, if you do. How cool is that!!! Anyways gotta go and claim my rightful spot on the couch…. I hear the movie starting, out of season but who cares….Garfield is still the Tom!!! That’s all for now, Chow Baby…  Check it out at : FreebieCat

Top Ten Reasons to Join The FreebieCat Mews

10. The Cat of the Day!

9. Avoid working at work.

8. Tiny bottles are better.

7. Fit in with the cool crowd.

 6. No pesky paper cuts!

5. Freebies that really come.

 4. You need more email.

3. Get email from a cat!

2. Annoy Postal Workers.

 1. Free stuff rocks!

9 responses

  1. What a gorgeous cat and I love the name, Meowmie!

  2. Meowmie, that’s me, Mitz named me Meowmie…see she’s smart AND GORGEOUS!!! She is trying to type something to you…I think a question re: your feline population, or lack of one???
    Thanks for stopping by, BFN 🙂

  3. What a great kitty pic! You have a wonderful layout, too!

  4. Mitz is lovely in her new photo! The Meezer is impressed!

  5. Hi Harmonia and welcome to Veggies…Thanks for the kind words, i love your blog too. Mitz says Meow, Meow, Meow (catspeak for …Have a real nice day) . 🙂

    Hi KN and Meezer, So glad you stopped by. Mitz says that Meezer is looking mighty fine too. She would also like to know (discreetly of course) if the Meezer is a tom??? Although she does like Garfield, she is open to finding a REAL TOM to correspond with…LOL!!! BFN 🙂

  6. Hello there! Thanks for the comment on my blog about Yoga. I appreciate it! I sure could use some support and encouragement. Sure, I would love a link on your blog! I will link you as well. I was posting another entry as you were commenting. Let me know if you are interested in joining our Midweek Munchies Group. Always nice to meet another Veggie Female. Hope to “see” you again soon!

  7. Hi Harmonia, I tried to reply via email but my note was returned. I wanted to get a bit more info. re: the Munchies group etc…is there more about it on your blog, havent had time to check, having a NOT fun morning, trying to work through some WordPress posting problems for the recipes I posted today.
    I will definitely add you to my blogroll and thanks for adding Veggies….to yours. You have a great blog, will be back for a visit soon.
    Cheers and BFN 🙂

  8. I used to have a cat. Her name was Veba. She was beautiful calico cat. I called her my “Veba Diva”, lol.

  9. Very cute….any kitties now??? I couldn’t live without a cat…preferably 2 or more. Our 4 lovelies were often referred to as , ‘the herd’. LOL….I miss the 3 departed, Tasha, Porkie and Lois…., after long and happy lives, now in Cat Heaven. Mitzi seems happy though, being numero # 1 and only!!! Glad she isn’t sad, now.

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