Crafting for a Cause…

Just received the latest edition of the Lion Brand newsletter. Included was a feature re: the Charity Connection and a search option for crafters who want to help by donating their work to charities and the people in need that they serve. Charities can also register so that crafters can contact them to donate. A give and take that is a win-win for everyone.

Crafts of all kinds can be a blessing in so many ways. The joy of creating and enjoying the finished product ourselves, the joy of giving a gift and more and more, the joy of making a real difference in the lives of those in need. The Prayer Shawl Ministry and the Mother Bear Project are only two crafting charities that come to mind. With this registry provided by Lion Brand, there will be many more ways to contribute to great causes in your area and far beyond.

To find out more: Charity Connection

2 responses

  1. I know about one called the Red Scarf Project:
    You knit red scarves and then young college students who don’t have parents and who have “aged out” of the foster system receive them in care packages on valentine’s day. Just a way of supporting the kids in college who don’t have families to support them. God knows I wouldn’t have survived if my mom hadn’t set me care packages of “hohos” and Oreos. (I would weigh less though.)

  2. Thanks for the link Caroline, so many ways to help out and even more now with the internet.

    Care pkgs…..A fond memory for me too. Receiving care packages at camp as a kid and later on at university in Toronto….Not everyone was blessed with these goodie boxes but my mom send some great ones. One contained a beautiful handmade tweed coat (mom did some great sewing through the years) and I remember wearing that coat til it was falling apart, many years later, I loved it that much. And yes, the food care packages could be fattening but T.O. is a city of walkers, and fast walkers at that, we were young too and wore it off. G.

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