Brain Gym- Aerobics for the Mind!

For the past couple of years, I have been intrigued by the name Brain Gym and wanted to learn more about the program and to find out if indeed, we can actually improve our brain function through exercise. Decided to check out the Brain Gym site online to see what it's all about.

First surprise, Brain Gym is NOT  just about doing mental exercises, memorizng lists, math calculations and quizzes as other programs promising similiar results, often end up being. Brain Gym includes 26 targeted activities to integrate the body and mind, to aid and improve a number of numerous brain functions including: concentration, memory, organizing, listening, physical coordination and more…

The question now, does it actually work? The endorsements on the Brain Gym site cover the gamut from children to seniors and all sing the praises of Brain Gym. I'd like to know what you think? Is there anyone reading this post who has taken the Brain Gym program? I am tempted to sign up for a course coming up in the area, this summer. What I don't want is a waste of time and money. I know I could certainly use any techniques that would help me to think faster, concentrate and retain more etc..( who wouldn't!!) and if it helps with relaxation too, another big (and much needed) plus.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Brain Gym… And if you are just curious to know more, check out their site at: Brain Gym. 


5 responses

  1. I went to a therapist who used Brain Gym along with some other programs (she like the Enneagram). It was interesting. It’s been almost 10 years, but there was some real help with it. She had been invited to help our cast for an upcoming show we were about to do. The physical activities helped with remembering our lines AND reducing our nerves before going on. I started going to her after that.

    I bought the book that had lots of the activities, but I have to admit I haven’t done anything with them in years. Maybe I should pull it out again and see if there’s some activities for concentration.

  2. Hi there, Good to get some feedback re: Brain Gym. Did you find the book as helpful as working with someone that taught the exercises? Do you remember the title of the book? Might be something to check out first. How did the play turn out? Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. The play went well. It was a musical and I was a nervous wreck. I remember the Brain Gym exercises helped me. The book, well, I can’t find it in my pile of books in the bedroom (donated two big bookcases to Big Brothers and Sisters and still haven’t bought a smaller bookcase to put my books in). I’ll continue looking, but now I’m wondering if it’s one that I got rid of in my frenzy of de-cluttering. Here’s the Amazon link for the book. I’m breaking it up so it won’t mess up your format. Put the two lines together and you’ll get there:

  4. Thanks for the link I will check it out. Just stopped by your blog too!
    BFN 🙂

  5. hi there

    I just got home from the first day of a training workshop in Brain Gym. I am a special education teacher with a Masters degree- I have to tell you, I am not going back. The claims that the instructor was making were ridiculous, like “one fellow had had a stroke and was blind- after brain gym he regained his sight”. I had read lots of scathing reviews about it before I went, but I wanted to have some firsthand experience with it before making up my mind. We were treated to things like:
    “Rub your lips and put your hand over your belly button… this is good for B/D reversals and comprehension”…. My God! Save your money.
    I hope its not too late!

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