Walk the Line

   If there is anyone who hasn’t seen this movie (is that possible ??)  and perhaps hesitated thinking it was a little bit ‘too country’…think again. Although I have always been only a minor Johnny Cash fan, (he was never on my list of must-have CD’s or cassettes or LP’s for that matter), I am very glad that I went to see this film. 

Not only was the movie great, it also brought to mind a fond childhood memory that I do have of the ‘man in black’ . Remembering from many,many years ago…. my brother Leo, cranking up the stereo, much to my mother’s chagrin (and probably the neighbours) to play yet another round of, “Folsom Prison”…”but I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die……”  I hope you are visiting with Johnny right now bro…. PS I miss you too.

Back to the present…. This movie, the actors and the soundtrack are to me, amazing. Just the best movie I have seen in a very long time. Most of all, I was riveted by the performance that Joaquin Phoenix gave, just spellbinding…

And to think, here was an actor who apparently did not sing before this movie was made, had little knowledge of JR Cash and presented us with the ‘should have been the winner of the best-actor Oscar by a mile’ performance that have left people raving and lining up for yet another viewing, and  stores everywhere ‘sold out’ of this DVD and CD….On Amazon at last count there are 341 reviews, again, must be some kind of record, almost all (no, I didn’t get to the bottom of the list) very favorable reviews at that.

The music continues to play in my ‘brain stereo’ day after day, if not ON the actual stereo at home. “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine….” , “we got married in a fever….”   ” I fell in to a burning ring of fire” and on and on.

Must mention the talented Reese aka June Carter Cash in the movie, again an outstanding performance and more than what I expected her to bring to the role.

I hope Johnny and June are rockin’ to the music, up in that Opryland in the sky, day after day…enjoying the memories too… A love story, a part of the American dream and just a doggone entertaining movie to enjoy, even if you’ve  never  Walked the Line ……   


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  1. Yes, it is possible for someone not to have seen this movie, because I haven’t. 🙂 I do want to see it, though. (I’m not a big “go to the movies” person and my husband and I rarely agree on what to see.) I like Johnny Cash’s music a lot. In fact, he’s on the sidebar of my blog. There’s a fairly recent autobiography that I checked out of the library, but didn’t get to read it before it was due. Maybe this summer…

    When I was little, all my dad listened to was country music. So I really never wanted to listen to it ever again. But a few years ago I decided Johnny Cash was pretty cool. I wish I would have seen him in concert.

  2. Hi Beth, You will LOVE this movie, at least I hope you do. Let me know what you think, after you see it. BFN, 🙂

    PS Waaaaaaaaay better on a movie screen. Also, they did quite a ‘snip job’ on the DVD version we bought, some of the best parts were taken out and they were far from obscene or overly violent (two things I can do without in any film or book). The DVD editing, go figure, I mean, it is an adult movie, isn’t it?

  3. I thought this was a wonderful film biography. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did their own singing, which really impressed me. I saw it in both the theatre and on DVD. I don’t remember seeing any edited version, but the DVD was great, because I could re-watch my favorite scenes over and over.

    Even while cheering on young Cash as he started his career and at his other career highlights, I found myself in tears several times in the movie. What got me is the power of Mama Maybelle Carter and her family to take care of Cash when he needed help. It was beautiful.

    Yes, I second Geraldine’s opinion. This is worth seeing.

  4. Hello and thanks for stopping by (don’t know your first name!!!),
    I felt the same way about the Carter family, especially June and her mom. Johnny would probably have been long gone, many years ago, without their love and support. He was blessed to have found them. Doesn’t look like he was getting much help to turn his life around, elsewhere.
    Have a great weekend, BFN, 🙂

  5. Yes, it was a good movie. I always like anything with Reese Witherspoon, but didn’t know of him until I saw the film.

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