Mitzi- reclined feline!!!

It doesn’t happen very often. The ‘Silver Tornado’ (aka Mitzi) settled down to enjoy the sun and catch a few rays and winks in the sunroom this afternoon.  Nothing to meow about today….Just an opportunity to enjoy and share her feline beauty…

Meow and BFN 🙂 

6 responses

  1. The Silver Tornado! I love it. Mitzi sure is beautiful basking in the sun.

  2. Mitzi sends her best wishes to Simba, Tiny and Scout…Yeah, she is a beauty, that’s for sure. Will all your felines be featured on your blog? Would love to see more pics.

    Meow for now, Geraldine and the Mitz! 🙂

  3. email friend Elaine

    Boo says thank you to mitzi’s owner for sending that beautiful picture.
    Just like me you (Mitzi) like the sun. Me too. I don’t have a nice chair and pillow though, remember just a ladder. I sometimes sneak and lay on the chesterfield and as long as they don’t see me it is fine. Well Mitzi it is time for me to stretch so meow for now.

  4. Hi Boo, And booo hooo….why don’t you have a chair to sit on, or a pillow? Tell your very nice Meowmie that you need some creature comforts, just like the humans do. Glad you liked my pic. my Meowmie captured ‘the real me’ don’t you think???

    Huggs and Meows and BFN :
    The Mitz!!!

  5. Been so busy the last 2 days haven’t had a chance to blog much. But…Mitzi’s RI kitty friends say hello to her as well. They too have expressed their dissatisfaction with their lack of visibility on my blog (esp. Simba). But, they are featured ad nauseum on their father’s blog, Stone & Plank. Here is the link to the section exclusively on the cats and it’s all photos! 🙂

  6. Wow, Im impressed….just checked out the link, so beautiful, thanks so much for sharing. And don’t doubt the reading part…why else do cats always want to sit on the newspaper right on the part of the page that you are TRYING to read???? I also left a comment on the Stone and Plank.
    Have a great evening Caroline 🙂

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