Turning back the clock….

In keeping with yesterday's post re: fitness, running/walking and our great little pacesetter, thought I would share a link with you to a great article from News Target, which I received this morning.

 We are all lead to believe that our bones, joints , muscles…naturally atrophy with age and that nothing can stop this inevitable slide. According to this interesting and informative article, that doesn't have to be the case and that a lot CAN be done to alleviate many of the aches, pains and general 'slowing down' that most people just accept.

I have also read numerous articles about elderly people and how the implementation of  light-weight and weight-bearing regimes can work wonders to help increase and stabilize their strength and help with mobility. If it can help people very advanced in age, these same types of exercise have the potential to work wonders for younger people. This article also looks at the impact of nutrition and deficiencies and how much our daily choices truly make a difference in our health over the long term and in so many ways.

Check out the complete article at:  NewsTarget

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