A great gadget on the trail….

We headed out to enjoy another walk/run this a.m. Thought we should get out there before any snow headed our way. Caroline Brown of Earth Friendly Gardening mentioned a big pile of the white stuff arriving in SD  in the last day or so.  If it's there, it will probably find it's way here! Anyways, our session in the park this morning was great. We are making progress slowly but surely, up to 16 minutes of running and 44 minutes of brisk walking, divided up into intervals Felt energized and refreshed when we finished.              SyncWalk.jpg           


   One small but very helpful gadget we have found to help to keep   us  on  track  (and pace) has been a SyncWalk pacesetter/stopwatch. In keeping with my post re: Slow Burn, we are aiming to stay in the zone, to focus on the experience of running and walking and not to just rush through it.

Keeping a steady pace can be difficult. It's easy to go too fast or too slow. With this handy pacer, we just set it and begin. Settings go from a slow easy walk all the way to a fast run. We are starting with a slow to brisk walking (125-135 bpm) and running at a moderate (143-145 bpm) not fast pace.

This is a must have (I believe) in addition to a pedometer, for any serious walker and/or runner. It really makes a big difference in being consistent and hopefully achieving even better results.

More info….. check out the Tanita SyncWalk site

Happy Walking and Running and BFN 🙂

Thanks so much for your comments!

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