Knitting Nostalgia

A friend of mine recently dropped off a box of old family knitting patterns that she had come across. “Too many memories”  Elaine said….she was having a hard time even going through them.

When I found the time to look through the patterns, I enjoyed a fascinating journey of knitting (and crochet) then and now. Some of the patterns were ( amazing coincidence ) ones that my mom had used and these definitely brought a smile to my face. My mom had always been an AVID knitter, sadly she is not able to pursue that hobby now. But I remember her sitting, sometimes for hours, happily turning out sweater after sweater, many of them that she and I still wear today.

Some of the patterns were just a HOOT!!!  

Check out these manly delights!!! Is that a GUN I see???

man with a gun2.jpg

Au….tres chic!!!

tres chic1.jpg

Wow, Hair-Power!!!

 hair power1.jpg  

 And in the process, I happily found this sweater pattern that I plan to make. I have always steered clear of Fair Isle sweaters, just not up to the challenge of charts. But this one doesn’t have a chart to follow, just easy and well-explained rows to make the Fair Isle pattern around the neck. I will add it to next fall’s project list.

It really was a gem to find .fair isle1.jpg  


Thanks Elaine…for bringing back so many fond memories. Also, a chuckle or two and for sharing with me some knitting history to browse and even to use. Some things never go out of style, Fair Isle (I think) will continue to stand the test of time as these patterns continue to show up in new knitting books. Happily, I think I will finally have a Fair Isle sweater of my very own. 🙂

2 responses

  1. email friend Elaine

    I read this a few days ago and just want to tell you how pleased I am that they broght you some joy. There isn’t anyone that I would have given these patterns to – except to you. With what you are going through, looking after your mother, I am glad they brought back memories to you. Thank you for thinking enough of them to put them on your blog.

  2. Thanks Elaine, you are a wonderful friend and yes, it is very hard to be dealing with a loved one being sick and unable to live at home. Every day is shadowed by the sadness this brings. But I try to dwell on happier days and good times shared with my mom, there were many. Looking through these patterns was like a walk down memory lane, some giggles too and even a beautiful sweater that I will make when time permits. I don’t know if you knit too? Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. G 🙂

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