A Mitzi Book Review- Bad Cat

    Mitzi here….Well, it’s finally happened. A human has written a book that is a real winner, not a wiener!

Bad Cat by Jim Edgar rocks!!! The only thing I found weird is that this dude apparently doesn’t even have a cat that owns him. Strange but true.

bad cat2.jpg   Anyways, I digress…this is a book full of some of the best  pics. in  the bad  a _ _  cat category that I have ever had the pleasure to paw through. And not only do these cats really show their attitude to the point of making the whole of felinedom proud, they also share their hobbies, quirks and lots of other tasty morsels to savor along the read.

 I did have to retrieve the book several times from my humanoid owners stash…I mean, if this isn’t my kind of book, than what is?  But they also seemed to be enjoying it alot, making that donkey sound over and over (I think they call it laughing). I also enjoyed a titter or two, but discreetly so, I mean, let’s show some class !!!

You must check out this book, get the human(s) you own to shell-out the small bit of kibble it costs, they will thank you for your once again, impeccable taste in all things feline. I also plan to enter the contest for more bad cats, I know I could be a contender. If you think you’ve got what it takes, check out this clicky thing (aka link) below. Anyway, that’s all for now. Happy Meowing and Chowing and no smiling for the camera (got it!!!)….. the Mitz.  

Bad Cat Photo Contest 

4 responses

  1. Hi G., you won’t believe this but I actually have this book…I got it for Christmas from my sister and I agree, it is HYSTERICAL. She and I agreed, however, that a disclaimer should be printed on the first page, “these photos are not staged and no felines were injured in the making of this book” !

    Thanks for the tip on the CA Organic Cert site and if you post about that chart I will link to it. It’s very informative.

  2. Hi Caroline, Glad you also enjoyed this hysterically funny book, I did note a disclaimer further along in the book but I agree, it should be on the first page.

    Mitzi meooooowed….that your comments should be addressed to her but she’ll let it go this time!!! She is currently powernapping in the sunroom. How are her gorgeous feline friends in Rhode Island doing today?

    I asked for permission to use the chart so hopefully will find out soon if thats ok.
    BFN, Geraldine AND Mitzi 🙂

  3. Mitzi, so sorry I didn’t address you directly. Tiny, Simba, and Scout would have written directly except they have been too busy sunning in the windows. We have finally taken the storm windows off and they are enjoying the sun and wind on their bellies.

    BTW, how fabulous that you can use flickr now and your photo can be large enough for your fans to more easily see your beauty. 😉

  4. Hi Caroline, I (Geraldine) do agree. This photo of Mitzi does do her proud, especially as my desktop background, just stunning really. She is a marvel to me, in so many ways. Had 4 cats for so many years, sadly 2 of her sisters and 1 bro. are now in cat-heaven after long and happy lives that I was so fortunate to share with them. More about ‘the herd’ in posts to come.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter. It was nice and warm here but rain on the way.
    Cheers and BFN 🙂
    PS Mitzi says she understands and meow, meow Caroline. She also suggests to your felines three to turn frequently while sunning to avoid fur-lines hahahaha…..

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