Acrylic- You’ve come a long way….

marble cardi.jpg    One of the (recent) birthday presents I received was this gorgeous Cardi pattern and enough self-striping Marble brand yarn-  Berry shade, to make it, from Ram Wools.  What was amazing about this beautiful yarn? It’s 100% acrylic !

berries.jpg  Although I generally avoid anything that IS 100% acrylic (too cheap looking, looks like C- – –  after the first wash hahaha…, not worth the time yada, yada)….this time, the photo of yarn and the pattern in the Ram catalouge looked so great, I was willing to give it a try. In a word, this yarn is gorgeous….soft texture, vibrant color, with the feel of a wool or at the very least wool-blend yarn. I was pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to start this project. But it is ON HOLD until Joe’s cardigan is a done deal. I finished the last sleeve of Sally’s Summer Sweater on the weekend so just need to put the pieces together for that one. One off the list. baby marble.jpg  This yummy ( amazingly synthetic! ) Marble yarn comes in a range of gorgeous colors, and is also shown in this adorable baby sweater on the Ram site. If you have been trying to get away from using wool for whatever reason: price, allergies, ethics …. this might be an alternative to look at. It really looks that good. I also think it will be very nice to knit with and that is a consideration too.  PS: Yes, I do pick out some of my own birthday gifts, how else can you be sure you get what you want, right!!!  🙂


2 responses

  1. Happy birthday, Geraldine!

    For my birthday last month I gave a seriously strong hint that I wanted to take a sweater class at a nearby yarn shop. I received a nice gift certificate to the shop – enough for the class and the yarn. (Yep, I was pretty specific when I gave the hint.) 🙂 Enjoy this beautiful yarn and pattern!


  2. Hi Beth and Happy belated birthday to you 🙂
    Hope you are enjoying the class and the yarn….sounds like you are good at hints too, can’t be too subtle if you want to make sure they get it right hahahah….Hope you have a great weekend, Geraldine

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